Dreamy Tropical Greenhouse Elopement at Ott’s Exotic Plants, PA

Dreamy Tropical Greenhouse Elopement at Ott’s Exotic Plants, PA

You can 100% plan a “wandering” style elopement without hiking for miles or traveling to a national park. Elise and Jose kept their elopement adventure simple, romantic, and intimate. Their elopement at Ott’s Exotic Plants in Pennsylvania is a great idea for couples who are looking for something a bit different.

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Planning an Elopement at Ott’s Exotic Plants in Pennsylvania

Photography by Overland Elopements

“Ott’s Exotic Plants is super flexible about wedding portraits, but definitely ideal for elopements without guests since it’s open to the public. This venue is in the greater Philadelphia area so this is one of the few places around to get to immerse yourself in amazing tropical greenery. It’s an amazing option to combine with a nearby reception. I know many other greenhouse venues can also be booked for private gatherings to keep things intimate and special.

Greenhouses in general are a great option for winter or off-season portraits, since you don’t have to worry about the weather and can still enjoy lush greenery any time of year.” [Anna, the photographer]

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About This Elopement

“We met up at Ott’s Exotic Plants, where they had a first look and shared their private vows with each other while exploring the vibrant rooms of the greenhouse and nursery. It was SO chilly outside, so this was such a great escape from the Pennsylvania winter.

After spending some time together to enjoy the lush greenery and absolutely amazing main greenhouse, E&J then joined their immediate family at a local restaurant for a ceremony and meal together.” [Anna, the photographer]

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Memorable Moments During This Elopement

From the photographer:

“We love that Jose got down on one near to share his vows, which surprised Elise and made her laugh. The greenhouse provided so many quiet little places for them to explore and enjoy at their own pace. After their first look and portraits, we met their family and a nearby restaurant for an official ceremony together.

Even though it was an intimate day, they still got to incorporate their favorite aspects of a traditional wedding.They had a full cocktail hour (since we all know cocktail hour snacks are the best) at the bar, before moving to the private dining room for a delicious meal together… Overall, it felt like the perfect combination of authenticity and tradition, and I am so honored to have been able to share in such a personal expression of love.”

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Just because you decide to “elope” doesn’t mean you can’t include your close family and friends. If you browse our blog, you’ll actually see a lot of couples including their loved ones in one way or another.

“To any couples who really want to elope but don’t want to exclude their family, it’s really easy to split the day into two parts and take some time for yourself to be alone together! It really can be the best of everything.” [Anna, the photographer]

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Photography | Overland Elopements
First Look/Vow Location: Ott’s Exotic Plants in Schwenksville, PA
Ceremony & Dinner Venue: Historic General Warren in Malvern, PA

Photos From This Tropical Greenhouse Elopement

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