Rainy Elopement Ceremony at Oswald West State Park in OR

Rainy Elopement Ceremony at Oswald West State Park in OR

Charli and David planned a big wedding with their friends and family but decided to secretly elope alone on the Oregon Coast after. They planned an intimate elopement ceremony at Oswald West State Park. Despite the wind and rain, these two made the best of it! They even had the whole beach to themselves.

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Planning an Elopement at Oswald West State Park

Photography by Emily Noelle Photo

Emily, the photographer, tells us most parts of the Oregon Coast, including Oswald West State Park, you don’t need a permit to elope. As long as you have under 25 people and have no “set up”, which includes a floral arch, chairs, etc; then you’re free to have a small ceremony. Since eloping on the Oregon Coast is free permit-wise if you have a simple wedding day, this is the perfect place to elope for couples who have a smaller budget.

“The Oregon Coast is the most special place, in my opinion. It looks and feels different every time I visit. The moody weather, the best sunsets, and the coastal forests are almost too good to be true!

Following permit guidelines and LNT principles are super important to allow incredible couples to continue traveling to the Oregon Coast to elope. So many locations are getting shut down or becoming almost impossible to get into for an elopement and I never want this to happen to the Oregon coast. Treat locations with care & we can keep enjoying them.” [Emily, the photographer]

Importance of Leave No Trace

“Part of leave no trace (LNT) on the coast that a lot of my couples don’t realize is FLOWERS. A lot of people want to toss flower petals and leave them on the beach. That’s definitely something that should be picked up or not brought to the beach at all.

Plan ahead by checking the weather and the tides. Respect wildlife and leave the things you find on the beach, on the beach. Don’t leave trash or anything you brought with you on the beach. If you see a seal, please don’t touch it! Just general things that you’d do if you respected a location. Your photographer should have all the info you need on permits, so reach out to a local and they will help you!” [Emily, the photographer]

Tips For Eloping in Oregon

We asked Emily for her top tips when eloping in Oregon. Here’s what she had to say:

  • Reach out to a local photographer who is very familiar with the area. A lot of photographers from out of state head straight to Cannon Beach (which is a super popular spot to visit and not the most remote spot to elope).
  • There are many beautiful Airbnbs along the Oregon coast that is perfect for a “reception” with your closest friends and family or a private dinner for two.
  • There are so many places to explore on the coast, so you could even turn your elopement location into your honeymoon location!
  • If you’re hoping for the best chance at good weather, July-September is your best bet.
  • If you’re interested in a more private, potentially moody weather, elopement, October-June is for you!

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Tips During Rainy Elopements

Emily tells us couples should be prepared for all weather conditions when packing for their elopement adventure, especially on the Oregon Coast. At this Oswald elopement, this couple actually used Emily’s rain jackets!

Here’s what you should consider:

  • Bring cute clear umbrellas, and huge rain jackets that cover your whole outfit w/ a hood. & HIKING BOOTS.
  • Hiking boots are so important. You cannot get away with wearing heels on the oregon coast.
  • Just embrace the weather and hold each other tight to stay warm. Wind can make really beautiful photos. Sun can make beautiful photos. Rain can make beautiful photos.
  • If it’s hailing, snowing, etc. waiting it out or changing locations can be helpful.

About This Elopement

Charli and David tell us they had a “mock wedding” that was super formal, but nobody knew they didn’t get legally married at that event. A few months later, these two planned their elopement at Oswald State Park. They told us planning was easy thanks to their photographer, Emily, who helped through the entire process.

“They shared their vows in the middle of a windy, rainy day on the coast. We only had a little over a week to plan because they didn’t initially think they needed or wanted a photographer. Thankfully, it was my slow season, so I could take this on! It was so cold and windy that they said they wanted to leave their jackets on even during their vows. I thought this was amazing because they were just living in the moment and doing what felt best for their day!” [Emily, the photographer]

Memorable Moments

From the photographer:

“This particular location requires about a half-mile walk through a gorgeous coastal forest and runs along a little creek! The walk through the forest is a huge highlight because you can’t see the ocean until the end of the walk and when you see it, it’s spectacular!! the cliffs, the trees, driftwood, rocks, sand, waves, and the waterfall, all hit you at once and there’s so much to see! Watching Charli and David experience nature through their own eyes was amazing and is something I love to observe anytime I bring a couple to the coast.”

From the couple:

“Everything. The weather was just horrendous that day, but it was also so unique. Standing there in the rain, not a care in the world besides marrying my best friend. We were able to be authentically ourselves and just enjoy that day. What better representation of the struggle marriage can be, and yet how beautiful it can turn out despite any hard times. So serendipitous!”

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Photography | Emily Noelle Photo

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