Romantic Oregon Forest Elopement

Romantic Oregon Forest Elopement

Photography by Venturing Vows 

Sometimes weddings are meant to be so much more than a 4-5 hour event. Emily and Adam planned an intimate experience for their wedding day and decided an Oregon forest elopement was the perfect option for them.

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Details From This Elopement

Mikalynn from Venturing Vows documented this special day. The couple rented an AirBnb in Rhododendron, OR, and eloped with their closest friends.

This elopement is literally a fairytale dream come true. If you’re loving whimsical forest elopements, then this wedding in Oregon is the perfect inspiration for you to start planning your elopement.

“The cabin had a creek running under the house, a small waterfall, a bridge lit by fairy lights, and even a swing over the creek. There were personal touches everywhere from the bride wearing a piece of jewelry from each grandmother, the groom’s tie having the topography of where he proposed on it (Iceland), and their close friend being the one that married them.” [Mikalynn]

How to Plan a Simple Yet Personal Elopement

This forest elopement in Oregon near Mt. Hood is perfect for couples who feel overwhelmed planning an elopement.

Even though you may see extravagant arches and decor for some elopements in social media, that doesn’t mean your elopement needs to be that way.

Emily and Adam planned a micro wedding experience together. Their entire event was on the Airbnb property they found. Instead of worrying too much about decorations, they allowed Oregon’s beautiful forest do all the talking.

This is also a great example for couples who want to elope, but they aren’t sure if they want to have adventure elopement.

“If you pick a location with all the epic you need in one spot, you have less stress trying to move around. Airbnb has so many cute options nowadays for small elopements.” [Mikalynn]

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Incorporating Family During This Forest Elopement in Oregon

Since Emily and Adam eloped during Covid-19, they wanted to incorporate their family and friends who couldn’t be there the best way they could.
Emily had her mother, friends, and other relatives on a zoom call while getting ready. We love the idea of your loved ones still getting the opportunity to see the bride getting ready. Emily got all the teary reactions through a computer screen.
“They brought their closest friends and invited everyone else on Zoom. Even though it was plan B, they had an incredible time! They just went with the flow of the day and made sure the focus was always on their love. It was a beautiful day and they made it so much fun to capture!” [Mikalynn]
Having a virtual wedding ceremony is a great way to include your family and friends who aren’t able to go, or if you want to opt for the full elopement experience.

Moments We Love During This Forest Elopement

We can’t get over all the details during this Oregon forest elopement.
From Emily and Adam dancing in the creek after their ceremony to them dancing in the rain.  Mikalynn tells us they were “so sweet and in love”.
We love elopements because the couple is able to look back on their wedding day photos and realize how amazing their special day was. There are no distractions, and the couple is 100% able to enjoy their day.
“I love capturing elopements because it’s a wedding day that truly captures the couple. Rather than a rigid set of traditions, it’s exactly what the couple wants. It allows the couple to be present and fully embrace the commitment they’re making to one another.” [Mikalynn]

Should You Elope?

Some couples don’t know if they should elope.
While a lot of couples are loving the idea of eloping, some still don’t know if it’s the right choice for them. This couple decided to switch to an elopement because of the global pandemic, but they also wanted nothing more than to get married.
“If you’re planning an elopement, nothing is off the table! Plan your perfect day even if that means skipping every tradition. Do what you love and keep what’s important but feel free to ditch the rest.” [Mikalynn]
The best advice anyone can give you is to think really hard about what you both want for your wedding day. How do you want to remember it?
“Try to push away all the thoughts of what others will think. It seems like social pressure is often an elopement barrier. Also know you can have your small scale/just you elopement and have a party with friends and family later! At the end of the day, you have to pick what your perfect wedding looks like.” [Mikalynn]
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Photography | Venturing Vows 
Dress | Still White Bride
Bouquet | Local Farm
Flower crown| Foxbound Flowers
Jewelry | Tree Myriah

Photos From This Oregon Forest Elopement