Eastlyn & Joshua

We’re Eastlyn and Joshua, a husband & wife team for weddings. Eastlyn likes to describe herself as a feeler and hiker with constant messy hair. Joshua likes to describe himself as craving more adventure than is safe for him. So if you’re all about that wild wind-blown hair and you’re not afraid to get a little dirty from a long hike or wet from waterfall mist, then we know we’d be the perfect match for your love adventure. However, more than we love drama of nature, we believe in story.

Photography tends to have a reputation of being the least artistic form of art because of its process and realistic depiction of what’s captured. Although intuitively creative, not all photographers are artists. But art is a language that has always been close to our hearts. As photographers, there is a richness that far exceeds just creating pretty pictures. We believe that we have an incredible opportunity to take part in the imperative art form of visual storytelling. It takes sincerity and a mind that is present, because before we can tell a story honestly, we need to first become “storylisteners.” Storylistening goes beyond asking your subjects the right questions and listening to their verbal narration. It also means being in tune to their inflections, actions and emotions—like the way they move their hands when they talk, what makes them smile & what makes them them teary-eyed.

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