Off Roading Elopement Adventure in UT

Off Roading Elopement Adventure in UT

Jeremy and Amanda wanted to go off-roading for their elopement day. Their adventure started in Sand Hollow State Park on a trail in their Jeeps and ended the night at a beautiful overlook that looks over Werner Valley.

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Planning Your Elopement at Sand Hollow State Park

“Sand Hollow State Park is an open OHV area, meaning you can go wherever you want within the park! As far as permits, I have been told by park rangers that permits are not needed for any session within the park! For LNT, I keep us off of any shrubs, bushes, cacti, etc. but really the rules are that you can drive anywhere you want within the park boundaries. It is completely open OHV.” [Casandrah, the photographer]

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About This Elopement

“This couple has a deep love for being off-road and off the beaten path. They were very comfortable with the trails that we ran, which made it so much fun!
We met up, took our time driving around and seeing all of the amazing views the park has to offer. Their daughter came along and rode with me and my husband and was an absolute hoot. The flowers were all homegrown by a local florist, in her backyard and matched the Jeep perfectly.” [Casandrah, the photographer]

Top Tips For Your Off Roading Elopement Adventure

“Be prepared for it to be bouncy! This is a location definitely geared towards off-road couples. You will need 4-wheel drive. There isn’t a lot of shade in spots, so early morning, or sunset time is the best for photos! The views are incredible though!” [Casandrah, the photographer]

Estimated Cost From This Elopement

Dress- $100

Suit- $80

Hair and makeup- $200

Flowers- $100

Photographer- $3500

Experience – Priceless

Total ~ $3,980

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Memorable Moments During This Elopement

From the photographer:

“Amanda had taken a funny video of them along the drive, because it was so bumpy, and did an “expectation vs reality” video with it! It was hilarious because it was so true!

When we arrived at Competition Hill (near top of the world) they saw the view and were in awe. It overlooks the whole valley, and the sun was just about to set. This is where they said their vows and it was such a quiet, peaceful moment, almost like time stopped.”

From the couple:

“We loved the idea of a private moment that just the two of us could share. A time that mean the most to us and wasn’t influenced by anyone or anything else. I loved connecting with my husband. we had some great laughs during our ‘serious’ moments.”

Final Advice From the Photographer

“Your hair will get messed up and your dress will get dirty! Heels aren’t the best shoe choice, either Vans (they stick to the rocks like glue) or some kind of flat shoe/sandal are perfect. Always prepare for a delay. You may get stuck on an obstacle, or someone in your group might break.” [Casandrah, the photographer]

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Other Vendors Involved
Jennica Burnett – The Flowering Cottage – Florals – @thefloweringcottage – Dress
Kimi Brandt – Brandt Beauty – Make-up – @brandtbeauty
Kodi Ence – KBE Hair – Hair – – Menswear


Photos From This Elopement

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