Romantic Brooklyn Elopement in NYC

Romantic Brooklyn Elopement in NYC

Matt and Gee came to NYC from Singapore for their elopement adventure. They eloped just after Sunrise in Brooklyn with views of lower Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge during their wedding ceremony.

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About This NYC Elopement Adventure in Brooklyn

Photography by Aesthetic Sabotage

Who said you can’t have an adventure elopement in NYC? Matt and Gee’s elopement is the perfect example how an adventure can look like within a city.

“We started shortly after sunrise in Dumbo, Brooklyn. Their intimate ceremony took place by the Jane’s Carousel with lower Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridge views. After that, we went to Brooklyn Bridge and Brooklyn Heights.

We had a coffee break, and then Matt and Gee saw an ice cream place, so they had ice cream cones, and I captured that. Later, we took a train to Manhattan and finished their elopement on Top of the Rock, Rockefeller Center.” [Vtial, the photographer]

How to Plan Your Elopement in a City

While you don’t need your typical permits to have an elopement ceremony in NYC, like how this couple did, you do need to account for crowds and any tickets at locations you want to take your wedding portraits.

Matt and Gee needed tickets to take photos on the Top of the Rock (Rockefeller Center), which required them to reserve tickets online at least a week before their elopement.

“The couple was very proactive in planning and suggested some locations as well as the ice cream pit stop idea. I loved it. It is truly amazing to work with couples who are as invested in creating great memories for themselves as I am invested in making their day the best day of their lives.” [Vital, the photographer]

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New York as Your Elopement Destination

NYC is definitely not the first place couples think about when planning their adventure elopement, but it can 100% have a “wandering” twist to it. Vital, the photographer, mentions being flexible as the number rule when eloping.

“The first few days when we arrived, the weather was unpredictable, with some rainy and windy days, so we were checking the weather forecast fervently. But the weather was perfect on the date of our elopement, at a cool 17°C with no rain. We got some great photos at the planned and unplanned (ice cream stop) locations, and also managed to go to my dream location – Top of the Rock!

Overall, it was great to have such a magical day at the start of our trip and with all the stress gone, we could enjoy the rest of our holiday as a newly married couple!” [The Couple]

Top Tips When Planning Your Own NYC Elopement Adventure

Vital’s top tips for couples: 

  • Weekdays are better than weekends.
  • Mornings are less crowded than sunsets.

Vital’s top tips for photographers: 

  • Ask your clients about their vision/wishes/dreams. More often than not we can learn from our couples about some locations or activities that we were unaware of.
  • A Zoom or FaceTime chat before the photoshoot helps establish trust and comfort before the day.

“It’s possible to have an elopement on a budget, by saving wherever you can but not compromising on the things that matter to you most. It can be much cheaper than holding a big wedding celebration, and more intimate for you and your partner as well. It feels more special to us that we get to share the moment together without having a big crowd.” [The Couple]

Memorable Moments During This Elopement

From the photographer:

“The coffee break and the ice cream pit stop were two amazing opportunities for them to forget a bit about my camera. I gave them extra space and just captured how they interacted during that time. It was an authentic and very candid experience for the three of us, and my photos and video show that.”

From the Couple: 

“Definitely taking in the view at the Top of the Rock together! It felt so magical. Also, New Yorkers were congratulating us on the streets as we walked around the different locations. It was such a nice feeling. At the end of the shoot, we took the subway back to our hotel’s vicinity and stopped at Five Guys to grab lunch. A group of girls congratulated us and said they loved that we got Five Guys after we got married! It was a very ‘us’ moment indeed – we really enjoy eating.”

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Photographer | Aesthetic Sabotage
Officiant | Honey Break Officiants 

Photos From This NYC Elopement

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