Tea 4 Two Weddings

Two 4 Tea Weddings was created to offer a selection of both high end and affordable ways of capturing your wedding day, giving you the best of everything; creativity, coverage, art and affordability.

We create cinematic films from start to finish, not just a pretty highlight, and can be adventurous as your imagination. We have certified FAA drone pilots on staff, underwater housings and scuba certified cinematographers, want to hike up Mount Whitney for your ceremony? We’ll be right there with you and capable of keeping pace with all our gear.

Over the past eight years our cinematographers have captured several hundred weddings all over California and the World. Shooting events from Tahoe to San Diego and everywhere in between. Being based in Los Gatos there aren’t many Bay Area Venues we haven’t been to so you know you’re in good hands with us!

Our standard filming style is to show the truly happy moments you have during your big day. We like to use long lenses and film you when you’re stealing kisses from one another, smiling when your partner says I love you and dancing like no one is watching. One of our greatest compliments is when our happy couples tell us,

“How did you get that shot? We didn’t see you there!”

Of course sometimes we do give a little direction and take time to set up the moments that take advantage of special light or backdrops.

We can’t wait to hear from you so let’s set a date to have some tea and a chat.

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