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The Ultimate New Orleans Elopement Guide

Planning your elopement in New Orleans can be a unique and memorable experience, especially if you’re a couple looking to elope, but not necessarily elope in the mountains and hike 5 miles to your ceremony. Known for its vibrant culture, delicious food, and lively music, you can plan a perfect wedding day here. There are a variety of ceremony spots to choose from, including historic churches and outdoor spaces with views of the Mississippi River. We’ll go over everything you need to know when putting together your New Orleans elopement package together, including our featured vendors to help you plan your wedding day!

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Elopement Vendors For Your New Orleans Elopement Package

New Orleans may not need constant location scouting for remote locations (unless you’re eloping somewhere near New Orleans), but having a vendor who specializes in New Orleans elopements and intimate weddings is a great way to beat the crowd, pick remote little locations others may not know about and pick the right time and day to plan your elopement. Team up with one of our vendors below who specializes in weddings in Nola!

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Where to Elope in New Orleans

Jackson Square

Did you really visit New Orleans if you didn’t stop at Jackson Square? This is Nola’s most recognizable landmark in the center of the French Quarter. This place is super popular, and if you want your ceremony here, then you need to apply beforehand. The current Jackson Square permit fee for your wedding (for 2-25 guests) is $250 with a $100 damage deposit. The more guests you join, the more expensive the fee becomes. Another important thing to note is this fee is only for 1 hour. If you want additional hours, then it’ll be $125 per hour. Only one wedding in the square is allowed at a time, so it’s important to apply ahead of time. Remember, this is a public park, and even though you are paying to have your ceremony there, you will have other onlookers around.

Check out other wedding rules and permit guidelines for Jackson Square here. 

Audubon Park

One of the most popular parks in New Orleans is Audubon Park. There is a ton of history, culture, and plenty of scenic areas for your photos. Its ancient oak trees and luscious gardens are perfect for couples who want an elopement ceremony surrounded by greenery before celebrating in the French Quarter.

There are multiple options for ceremony locations at this park, but keep in mind depending on the location will depend on the permission you need and the fee from the Audobon Institute. You can elope at the Tree of Life, The Fountain at St. Charles, The Labyrinth, and other smaller areas around the park. The permit fee can range, depending on how many people you have with you, but the fees usually range around $150.

Contact the city for more information: contact the city at 504-212-5420 or by email: [email protected]

City Park

Another popular park in New Orleans for your elopement is City Park. City Park has a bit more rules and packages involved when it comes to elopements and small weddings, but it’s still an awesome option to consider. You can choose from multiple ceremony locations including a botanical garden, conservatory, garden study lath house, and more. Contact the park if you’re interested in having your wedding here. If you’re interested in having your wedding portraits taken here, your photographer will need a photography permit.

Pharmacy Museum

The Pharmacy Museum is a great option for couples looking for a historical venue for their wedding ceremony with an outdoor option that feels super unique. Keep in mind the museum does not have an alternative indoor venue if it rains. We love how intimate this wedding venue feels, perfect for elopements and small weddings. You would have to contact the museum for the updated pricing for elopements, but the first hour is $1,500 and each additional hour here is $1,000. The rental fees above include the venue space, one museum staff person to oversee the museum collection, and one door person. Also, your event needs to begin after 4 pm and end by 10 pm (French Quarter noise ordinance). For more information, check out the Pharmacy Museum website.

Pirate Alley

Why would you want to elope in an alley?! Well in Nola, Pirate Alley is one of the most popular places to visit. This alley is part of the historic French Quarter and is known for its architecture, bar access, shops, and being so close to St. Louis Cathedral. The natural lighting here is gorgeous in combination with the architecture, the perfect spot to start your adventure in New Orleans together. There is no need for a permit here, and you don’t even have to apply to get married here. However, consider the logistics you will need and consult your vendor on when is the perfect time to plan your ceremony.

French Quarter Wedding Chapel

French Quarter Wedding Chapel is not your average chapel. It’s actually the only wedding chapel in the historic French Quarter of New Orleans and the state of Louisiana. The chapel itself has a bunch of cool, homey decor, and it’s a full-service wedding chapel offering multiple packages starting from $350, depending on what you’re looking for. The elopement package specific is $1,700. Learn more about the elopement package and the other packages this chapel offers. 

A Balcony With a View

Sometimes the best, secluded option for your New Orleans elopement is a simple balcony. Ask your elopement vendor if they know of any special accommodations with a balcony with a view of the French Quarter for your ceremony. This way, you are in the heart of all the amazingness that is New Orleans, but you have a more intimate experience.

Jean Lafitte National Park

Looking for a bit more nature? This is possible, even if you’re planning a New Orleans elopement. Jean Lafitte National Park has that awesome Louisana feeling, and it you get plenty of land to explore together. You do need a special use permit to hold a special event here, the application fee is $50. Other fees and regulations may apply depending on the complexity of your ceremony.

Kisatchie National Forest in Louisiana

If you’re going on a bit of a road trip near New Orleans, then Kisatchie National Forest is 3 hours away and worth the visit if you’re planning to have an adventurous elopement and then a reception in Nola after. This forest is actually the only National forest in Louisana, which makes it a pretty special place to plan your wedding day. For more information on permits and regulations visit their website. 

When to Elope in New Orleans

This vibrant city is fun year-round. You really need to consider what is most important to you. The only thing to consider is storm season in New Orleans, which could greatly affect your plans to explore Nola or have your ceremony outdoors. From June to November count on rain. We personally prefer elopements in New Orleans from December through May. Winters and Springs here at both mild and enjoyable for outdoor wedding ceremonies.

Permits and Leave no Trace in New Orleans

Permits that you need really do depend on where you’re planning your ceremony and to take your portraits. Some locations will require an entrance fee or photography fee/permit, while other locations may be completely free. Your best bet is to always ask your photographer and other New Orleans vendors and to double-check with your elopement location to see if any permits and regulations have changed. Other than that, you should practice the same leave-no-trace principles you would if you were eloping in a national park. Pick up after yourself, leave the area better than you found it, and be respectful of the area you are visiting.

Learn more about leaving no trace during your elopement.

New Orleans Marriage Licenses

So you want to make things official in Nola, huh? To get married in New Orleans, you will need to pay your wedding license fee ($27) and apply in person. There is a 72-hour waiting period between the time you apply for the license and when it becomes valid. After that, the license is valid for 30 days. In New Orleans, you need an officiant, but you don’t need any witnesses to make your marriage official, which works out for couples who want to elope just the two of them!

If you’re thinking about planning a commitment ceremony, then check out our guide here to learn the difference.

Best Places to Stay Near New Orleans

When it comes to finding the perfect place to stay for your New Orleans elopement, you want to keep in mind where your elopement destination is. Once you have considered travel times to and from your adventure, think about who is staying with you at your accommodation. Finding unique rentals is always an awesome option for a more intimate and unique stay during your wedding day. Check out these places to stay we love:

Check out this 1 bedroom apartment in New Orleans.

Check out this 3 bedroom home near the French Quarter in New Orleans. 

Check out this 2 bedroom home in Nola!

Check out this 2 bedroom apartment in New Orleans.

Check out this 3 bedroom home near French Quarter. 


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