Mountain View Micro Wedding in Abiquiu, New Mexico

Mountain View Micro Wedding in Abiquiu, New Mexico

Anna and Clay decided to go camping with their siblings and parents in beautiful Abiquiu, New Mexico to have a mountain view micro wedding. You don’t have to plan an adventurous hike to have a beautiful elopement day. This couple kept their day simple and even had help from the whole family from bridal hair and makeup to their officiant.

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mountain wedding view in New Mexico Abiquiu with family

Photography by Crystal Cousin Photo

Planning a Micro Wedding in New Mexico

When it comes to planning a micro wedding, you want to make sure the area you pick is accessible for your guests. Elopements and intimate weddings tend to be focused on the couple, but it’s also important to consider your guests’ abilities and restrictions if you’re including them on your adventure.

“If there is this epic spot you would love to say your vows, but the hike might be too much for someone, consider doing your vows somewhere else and then going to that spot later for portraits. Also, make sure the area where you’re eloping can accommodate the number of people you plan on having. Even if it seems like a small number, it might be hard to leave no trace and be respectful in some areas with 10-15 people.” [Crystal, the photographer]

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romantic elopement portraits in New Mexico

Unique Ways to Include Your Loved Ones During Your Elopement

Some couples, like Anna and Clay, decide to plan an intimate wedding with mountain views, but other couples decide to elope just the two of them. Crystal tells us there are so many ways to include loved ones during your elopement.

“If you’re having anyone physically at your elopement, you can have someone you love be your officiant! My photographers, my sister and her husband attended our elopement, and my brother-in-law got ordained for us. Also, depending on what state you’re in, you’ll need a certain amount of witnesses. If you have family they can witness, your photographer(s) can, or even a random hiker. Another way to incorporate your family is by having them virtually there via streaming. If there is not enough reception for that, you can set up a video to show them later.” [Crystal]

For this elopement, Clay’s parents were there but Anna’s parents weren’t able to come. To include them, the couple set up a video camera to record the ceremony, so they could share it later.

family running up to bride and groom after elopement ceremony

Deciding to Elope in the New Mexico Mountains

Planning a New Mexico mountain wedding is pretty epic because Abiquiu is known for its beautiful rock formations, according to Crystal.

The couple’s actual elopement location was near the camping spot they were staying with their parents and siblings. There are private ranches nearby, like Ghost Ranch, but these are privately owned and do require a permit fee.

Crystal’s biggest advice, aside from obtaining necessary permits, is to have clear communication with your elopement team and wedding guests. Planning a New Mexico wedding with a mountain view is a beautiful, remote experience, but you can also have no reception.

“When I first got to the ceremony location I had no service and it said 2 miles, but I could only drive about a half-mile! So I was not sure if I was in the right spot. I had to leave to call them and confirm, but I was early enough to do that. We knew what each other’s cars looked like, which is always something super helpful when you don’t expect service, so we found each other when it was time to start the day together.” [Crystal]

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toasting by the fire with family

Memorable Moments During This Intimate Wedding

Crystal loves that this couple decided to plan their micro wedding near their camping site. After their ceremony and toast, the couple and their family went back to the camping site and got fun portraits of them celebrating together.

This is a great idea to include during your elopement adventure if you plan to include your family. You can easily have a little setup and eat a delicious meal over the fire together. Having a homecooked meal is one of our favorites post-elopement reception ideas.

“Another memorable moment from this elopement was not really a moment but an overall love that I saw. The people they had there with them truly cared about the couple and made sure they had everything they needed. After the ceremony, they all were on it to get everything ready for their champagne toasts, it doesn’t sound like much but it was so sweet.” [Crystal]

Would you plan a micro wedding adventure with your loved ones?


Photography | Crystal Cousin Photo
Dress | Lucy Wang
Hair, Makeup, Flowers, and Officiant | Family

Photos From This Mountain View Micro Wedding in New Mexico


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