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New Hampshire Elopement Packages

Thinking about planning an elopement in gorgeous New Hampshire? New Hampshire is a state in the New England region of the northeastern US, which often gets overlooked as an elopement destination. After browsing through this guide, you’ll end up adding this place to your own list of best places to elope. Planning a New Hampshire elopement will allow you to have a picturesque location that is more off the beaten path compared to others. There’s so much that goes into a New Hampshire wedding. We’re here to break down everything you need to know when planning your adventure near some of the most gorgeous elopement views you will see.

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Elopement Vendors For Your New Hampshire Elopement

Looking for an all-inclusive elopement package in New Hampshire? The first thing you’ll want to plan for is teaming up with an experienced elopement vendor in the area. Finding a vendor who specializes in New Hampshire elopement adventures is the perfect way to make sure you have the best experience and respect the lands you’re eloping on.

Teaming up with an experienced vendor in the area also allows you to follow Leave No Trace (LNT) for that specific area. Working with someone who the area will be the perfect resource and guide when it comes to what you should be aware of during your adventure. They are also great when it comes to suggesting more remote elopement and portrait areas not many people know about!

Check out our featured elopement vendors who specialize in New Hampshire elopements below. Remember to ask what they include in their elopement packages! A lot of vendors include location scouting, adventure timelines, and more.

Where to Elope in New Hampshire

New Hampshire may not be the first elopement destination you think of, but you’ll wish you did think about it first! There are gorgeous places to elope in New Hampshire, perfect for all types of elopement adventures. From mountains, waterfalls, lakes, forests, oceans, and so much more. Here are some of our favorite spots to explore:

Mount Washington

Known to be the highest peak in NH, Mount Washington has its fair share of epic hikes and waterfalls to explore. This elopement destination is good for couples who want to have a more adventurous elopement and those couples who want to take it easy since you’re able to drive up Mount Washington during the summer and early fall seasons.

Mount Chocorua Lake Conservancy

Mount Chocorua Lake is a pretty amazing location if you’re a couple who loves water activities. You can plan to sneak in some swimming, canoeing, kayaking, and even fishing after your “I do’s”. If you do want to take any photos or have any type of ceremony, then you need to request the specific date you want, since they only allow one wedding per day here.

Crawford Notch

The great thing about eloping in NH is you have a lot of options when it comes to mountain views and waterfall elopement locations. Crawford Notch State Park alone has 5,775 acres of trails to explore. All of these different trails can be overwhelming, even if you live in New Hampshire! That’s why you should probably team up with a vendor!

Franconia Notch

Franconia Notch State Park is in a great location. It’s relatively close to a lot of things and it’s right off the main highway (win, win). Since this location is in such an accessible area, that means more people like to visit this destination. Summer is usually pretty crowded here. Our personal favorite time to elope here is during the Fall because the weather is awesome and the fall foliage is so epic.

Cathedral Ledge

Another popular spot to visit in NH is Cathedral Ledge. Known for its views of Saco River Valley and the White Mountains. If you do want to elope here, then you will need a permit ($100) and a reservation. A lot of people love this location because you can drive right to the top and get really gorgeous views. With that being said, try planning a weekday or sunrise ceremony here to avoid the crowds.

Lake Winnipesaukee

Lake Winnipesaukee is the largest lake in New Hampshire. This location allows you to have the best of both worlds with its gorgeous surrounding mountain views and the lake at your feet. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, then you can always plan a water activity here too!

Glen Elis Waterfall

On the slopes of Mount Washington, you’ll find Glen Ellis Falls. A 64 ft waterfall and just a 0.4 mile out and back hike. This area is accessible, stunning, and very popular! All accessible locations are immediately going to have more foot traffic (the hike takes 13 min to complete). Consider eloping during sunrise or a weekday!

Kancamagus Highway

Maybe you’re looking for something off the beaten path in terms of elopement locations and want to hit up multiple scenic spots. Kancamagus Highway is a 34.5-mile scenic drive, perfect for viewing the fall foliage and waterfalls in our opinion. This area is perfect to explore, and plan a picnic, all while playing your favorite playlist in the car.

When to Elope in New Hampshire

New Hampshire is gorgeous year-round, so that makes picking an elopement date here a breeze, right? Even though you’ll get stunning locations and great weather year-round, we do have a special spot in our hearts for NH elopements during the Fall.

During the Fall, you’ll not only see those epic mountain views, but you’ll also see those intense and captivating fall colors come to life (it seriously is breathtaking). The weather is cool and you can find secluded areas because not so many people are out and about.

Summer in New Hampshire is hot and a bit touristy, but it’s also when everything starts to become vibrant and it’s perfect for water activities if that’s what you all are interested in doing!

Spring in NH is pretty unpredictable when it comes to weather. It can be gorgeous and sunny one day and cold and snowy the next. Spring is probably a big off season to get locations all to yourself, on the bright side of things.

Winter is COLD in NH, but it can also be pretty gorgeous if you plan a mix of elopement activities both indoors and outdoors (like a cabin elopement).

Like many different elopement locations, we always recommend eloping during the weekday instead of the weekend during any season. Certain areas, as mentioned above, are more crowded during certain times of the day. This is where teaming up with an experienced vendor in the area can be extremely helpful in planning your elopement.

Permits and Leave No Trace in New Hampshire

New Hampshire does have some locations that currently do not require permits to elope at, BUT you should always double-check with the respected park before running off and saying “I do”. Permit requirements are constantly changing, and it’s best to avoid any fees or issues on your wedding day by preparing ahead.

Leave no Trace (LNT) is incredibly important here, so please read carefully and double-check the park’s website for the most up-to-date information on permit changes and park closures/updates.

New Hampshire Marriage License

If you’re looking to legally get married in New Hampshire, you’re in luck! It isn’t complicated and all you really need is your marriage license and an approved officiant for your elopement ceremony. To get your marriage license, you’ll want to go to any town clerk in NH, apply, and pay the fee ($50). And no, you don’t need to be a resident. The process is simple and quick, and you can even go the day before your elopement if you really wanted to! NH marriage licenses do not have a waiting period and can be used on the same day!

If you want to skip the legal part of it all, then check out our guide on commitment ceremonies!

Best Places to Stay Near New Hampshire

Looking for somewhere to stay during your New Hampshire adventure? Check out these locations:

  • Franconia Inn
  • Mountain View Grand Resort & Spa
  • Purity Spring resort
  • Mills Falls at the Lake
  • Omni Mount Washington Resort
  • Unique Vrbos/Airbnbs

Not sure where to stay? Use the search bar to find the best spot to stay during your wedding day in New Hampshire!

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