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Nevada Elopement Packages

When you think of Nevada elopements, your mind probably instantly thinks about Las Vegas elopements with Elvis. While we love a good Vegas elopement, there are so many other options to consider in the Nevada area, especially for your elopement. If you love the nightlife and the vibe Vegas has, then go for it, but we want to highlight some options you probably didn’t think of when planning. Our comprehensive Nevada elopement package covers everything from locations, vendors, and tips for your Nevada elopement.

* While we don’t offer bundled elopement packages in Nevada, we do provide you with all of the information and resources you will need to create your perfect elopement package. Our Wandering Weddings members are also amazing vendors to ask questions. These members have plenty of experience curating awesome elopement experiences for couples.

How to Elope in Nevada

This is a long resource packed with awesome tips and inspiration. Use the links below to jump right to the section you’d like to check out.

Vendors to Build your Perfect Nevada Elopement Package

When putting together your Nevada elopement package, you want to consider your overall elopement budget. Whether you’re planning an elopement in the heart of Las Vegas or a micro wedding near Valley of Fire, your budget is everything when planning! Elopements have a pretty big range when it comes to an average price because it all depends on what vendors you decide to include on your wedding day. Please note that you are not required to include every vendor type in your package.

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Check out our vendor categories to consider when thinking about your elopement package:


These vendors are where most of your elopement budget will be going towards, but for good reason. On average, our photographers will charge $2,500-$6,000 per elopement. This depends on how many hours of coverage (half-day versus full-day) a couple is looking for their Nevada elopement package.


Like elopement photographers, videographers are going to be a great investment for your elopement day to document your adventures together. On average, our videographers will charge $2,500-$6,000 per elopement. Keep in mind, this depends on how long you want your elopement footage to be. For example, a full-day video coverage would cost more versus covering just your elopement ceremony.


On average, our officiant members will charge $500-$800 per elopement. Officiants are great to orchestrate your favorite traditions and wedding vows. It’s also important to note that some other vendors are also officiants, so we recommend always asking.

Elopement Planners

You don’t necessarily always need a wedding planner for your elopement adventure, but having a planner does help if couples have a very clear elopement vision. The average price for our planner members is $1,000-$3,000. Planners are also great for couples who don’t want to DIY or worry about anything, or couples who live far from their elopement destination.

Check out why you should hire an elopement planner for your wedding adventure. 


Since you’re planning an elopement, you’ll need less floral arrangement than your average traditional wedding in Nevada. If you aren’t down to DIY your own bridal bouquet, then a florist in Nevada can average $300 to $600.


Are you looking to elope in Las Vegas, Reno, Henderson, or Boulder City? Even though there are plenty of public land options to consider eloping to in Nevada, there are also some pretty neat private venues in Nevada too to include in your elopement package. Our team loves private venues because they do offer you more privacy and flexibility when you two are going to elope. Private venues, on average, will charge $300 to $4,000, depending on the location.

Places to Elope in Nevada

As you put together your Nevada elopement package, one of the most important steps is including an epic place to elope. Since couples don’t know much about Nevada other than Las Vegas, we thought we would break down some of our favorite elopement spots (and of course mention some Vegas faves too).

While we are going to mention some of our favorite places to elope in Nevada below, it’s important to note that connecting with one of our members who specialize in Nevada elopements will allow you to have your elopement at secret locations and trails not many people know about.

As professionals in the elopement industry, it’s our goal to provide you with all the tools and information you need to plan an epic elopement, but it’s also our goal to keep these areas protected. Our list of elopement locations in Nevada should give you a good idea of where you would love to have your ceremony together. Once you know what areas you two are loving, then connect with our members to start planning your adventure!

Death Valley National Park

Don’t take the name literally, but how epic would it be to have a “to death do us part” elopement theme here?! Death Valley is pretty amazing when it comes to being the spot for your Nevada elopement destination. There’s plenty of amazing places to explore, including Titus Canyon, Badwater Basin’s salt flats, and a ghost town with colorful rocks. This place is perfect for couples looking for all the desert vibes. With the growing popularity of elopements here and in a way to preserve the lands, this location does require a permit to elope. A special use permit is about $300 for Death Valley, and it takes between 30-60 days to process (so please apply way ahead).

Lake Mead

Close to the Las Vegas Strip, you’ll find Lake Mead. This reservoir is formed by the Hoover Dam, and it’s the largest reservoir in the United States (add that to your wow factor when you tell people where you eloped)! We love Lake Mead because this national park is close to Vegas for those couples who want to stay somewhere “extra” during their wedding, yet still want to go on an adventure together. There is so much to see here and do from exploring slot canyons, admiring the milky way and the night skies, and even enjoy a day at the beach. Who said you have to have a basic Vegas elopement experience?

A special use permit application and fee ($150) is required to hold your ceremony here. However, this permit fee can increase if you invite more people. You’ll also want to plan your ceremony during the weekdays because permits for elopements and micro weddings are not usually given for the weekends. It’s important to be aware WHERE you’re exploring for your elopement here because multiple areas are restricted wilderness areas for portraits and ceremonies.

Valley of Fire State Park

We love Valley of Fire for its epic red sandstone formations including seven sisters, fire canyon, and so much more. This is another Nevada location that is close to Las Vegas (45 min). If you’re interested in having your elopement ceremony here, there are designated locations within the park that are accepted (Seven Sisters, Rainbow Vista, the Cabins, Gold Ridge, and the Visitor Center). You can, however, explore the rest of the park for your portraits.

This park also requires a permit, so we suggest teaming up with a Nevada elopement photographer or planner to help you get started. These permits start at $50 but can go up depending on where you want your ceremony and what dates you’re interested in. It’s important to know this permit is ONLY for the photographer. If you’re interested in having your elopement ceremony here, then you NEED to go through one of these permitted companies.

Ceremonies of any kind are not allowed if you don’t go this route. If you decide to just take your photos within the park, then you can’t take photos at the 5 designated ceremony locations. This is to prevent congestion in these areas because unlike other elopement destinations, Valley of Fire only allowers 1 photographer/session per day at the locations mentioned. The benefit to this is couples don’t have other couples there on their wedding day. A big thank you to Malachi from Shell Creek Photography for shedding light on the rules and regulations in this area (comes to show HOW important it is to work with a professional).

Red Rock Canyon

Another cool spot to explore in Nevada has to be Red Rock Canyon. There’s plenty of trails to explore together, or even drive the 13-mile scenic drive together. A special permit application is also required here (minimum $110) and must be submitted at least 30 days before your wedding date. Once you have gotten your permit, you’ll be able to pick from four wedding locations including an overlook on State Route 159, Red Rock Canyon visitor center amphitheater, Red Spring Boardwalk Platform, and Ash Spring Overlook in Calico Basin. The wedding sites are first-come, first-serve, and you do not have exclusive use of the site.

El Dorado Dry Lake Bed

Near Boulder City, NV, this dry lake bed is huge and perfect for your elopement. This location is also next to the El Dorado Canyon mines, which is a unique ghost town setting. Dry lake beds generally don’t require permits, so this is a great option for couples looking for a more affordable option. This area can get windy, so opt for a flowy elopement dress to get some cool photos.

Cathedral Gorge State Park

A little further away from Vegas, you’ll find Cathedral Gorge State Park. We LOVE this location because of the unique patterns you can see in the clay from erosion from hundreds of years. There are so many dramatic cliffs, canyons, and spears. These geologic wonders will also look amazing in your portraits together. Paired with stunning views, this park is a treasure to explore for couples who love unique landscapes.

Great Basin National Park

Nevada has a lot of desert vibe locations, so we really appreciate Great Basin for its mountain views, lakes, and trees. This is the perfect place to elope for couples who don’t really want a desert view on their wedding day. Special use permits are also required here, but they are more affordable compared to other locations in Nevada ($50). From scenic trails to hidden caves, explore this area together on your special day.

Places to Elope in Las Vegas

While we are all about wanderlust and exploration here at Wandering Weddings, no Nevada elopement guide would be complete without including the sin city itself! Las Vegas is filled with nightlife and ENDLESS options for couples to run off and elope. From little white chapels with Elvis to drive through weddings. You can literally do it all! There are even cool places to stop and take your portraits if you’re looking for a cool murals and neon signs. We wanted to mention some options that are near the city but can be more intimate if planned correctly.

Seven Magic Mountains

Right outside of Vegas you’ll find Seven Magic Mountains. These bright, colorful stacks of boulders stand up to 35 feet tall and create a huge contrast against the beige desert. This is such a fun spot for your elopement portraits. While this area can definitely get crowded, planning during the off-season or even a sunrise experience here can be worth wild if you’re looking for something different for your Las Vegas elopement together.

Neon Museum

Maybe you’re looking for something extra insta-worthy? Or maybe you two really want to show off your edgy personality and get married completely different. The neon museum in Vegas is one of our favorites for elopements. Neon Museum Boneyard does require couples to request and pay a fee (about $950) to take their photos there.

When to Elope in Nevada

Are you thinking about eloping in Vegas, or somewhere more intimate and remote in Nevada? You’ll want to think about when to elope in Nevada. The best time to plan your elopement in Nevada would be either from March to May or September to November. You’ll be able to enjoy cooler weather, and these months are more moderate when it comes to crowds.

Summers in Nevada are HOT. Temperatures can easily go above 100 degrees, and this is the peak season for tourists, so expect lots of crowds in popular areas, especially the national parks and Vegas.

If you’re planning to elope during Winter, then pack in layers. It does get chilly when the sun goes down, so it’s always good to pack a jacket that will look bomb with your elopement attire.

Since Nevada is primarily desert, you’ll also want to take that into consideration as you plan your elopement together, especially when it comes to footwear. There’s a lot of dirt and dust, so wear the right shoes and consider where you’re eloping. Weekends at National and State Parks tend to be extremely packed with tourists, so aiming for a weekday or sunrise ceremony will help avoid some of the crowds.

Permits and Marriage License in Nevada

When it comes to planning a Nevada elopement, you want to make sure you have the permits you need. Some places don’t require any permits to elope, but other places do. It’s important to always double-check with the location before or ask your elopement vendors for advice. Another important thing to remember is to also follow the rules and regulations set in place at your elopement destination. It’s our duty to leave no trace (LNT) when we visit public lands. Even if you’re planning to elope somewhere in Sin city, be mindful and pick up after yourselves. Let’s all do our part and stay on the trail and respect the lands we are visiting.

Getting a marriage license in Nevada is super easy! The license itself costs $77, and it literally takes about 15 minutes to apply, and there’s NO waiting period. We can easily see how Vegas and this surrounding area is such a popular spot for couples to quickly say “I do”. The bureau is even open from 8 am to midnight, 7 days a week, for those of you who really do want to “run-off” and just get married already!

If you don’t decide to tie the knot immediately after getting your license, you do have one year to do so. Just make sure to bring your marriage license with you on the day of your wedding ceremony because not even Elvis can make it legal with the license.

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