How to Plan Your Elopement in a Nevada Dry Lake Bed

dry lake bed elopement in Nevada

Photography by Hotzel Photography

The beauty of elopements will always be the freedom of being able to celebrate your wedding day wherever and however you want. Gabriela from Hotzel Photography provides the best inspiration for couples considering planning a dry lake bed elopement in Nevada.

What is a dry lake bed? 

A dry lake is usually a basin or depression that used to have water but then evaporated due to drought. This will often create deposits, which results in a bunch of cracks on the floor. 

In general, these dry lake beds are similar to the feel of desert and dune elopements. You’ll get an endless open view, and this area is also great for couples who feel strongly about global warming issues.

Are you interested in learning how to plan an epic dry lake bed elopement? Nevada has multiple dry lake bed areas, and Gabriela gives us the inside scoop on how to plan your elopement through this styled celestial elopement.  

Are you just interested in seeing some inspirational photos from this session? Jump to the photos of this dry lake bed elopement inspiration.

celestial theme wedding for elopements

Inspiration for This Elopement

One of the best things about planning your elopement at a Nevada dry lake bed is the freedom you have with styling your wedding attire and your ceremony decor. We love this styled session because it’s the perfect inspiration for couples who are looking to plan a celestial wedding theme for their elopement. 

Unlike other places to elope, a dry lake bed is like a blank canvas. You don’t have to worry about outshining your backdrop, and you don’t have to worry about clashing with your wedding dress.

You have the freedom to be as bold or as simple as you want to be. Gabriela tells us she wanted to style a shoot that will inspire couples to make a statement on their special day.

I was inspired by the vibrant colors and styling, against the simple, yet elegant backdrop of the lonely desert. The bright pop of the florals and decor accented the mountain views and dry lake bed in a simple, yet very stylish way.

Desert sunsets are always a show stopper, and it certainly didn’t disappoint during this shoot! I had a lot of fun getting creative and accenting the earth and sky with my couple and the decor.” [Gabriela]

elopement in Nevada dry lake bed

Planning a Dry Lake Bed Elopement

If you’re looking at places to elope in Nevada, then a dry lake bed elopement could be an awesome place to elope if you’re looking for something unique and not as crowded as other locations.

Gabriela’s advice for couples considering a location like this would be to communicate with their photographer and elopement team, so they can help point you in the right direction.

There are a few between the Las Vegas, Pahrump, and Henderson areas. While they all offer a romantic setting, getting there can vary. Some require some off-roading, so you will want to be sure you and your vendors/guests have a car that can accommodate, while others do not.”  [Gabriela]

One thing Gabriela wants brides to know is to avoid wearing thin heels because of the multiple cracks within a dry lake bed. Instead, she suggests brides and guests who attend your wedding day to wear a chunky heel or to go barefoot and embrace the adventure. 

“Nevada has a wide variety of beautiful, desert landscapes. Do a little research beforehand to get a feel of locations you might be interested in. They can range from vibrant, red rocks and  mountain ranges to acres of land filled with Joshua Trees and desert flowers.

The spring and fall months are the best time to elope. You can beat the heat and the cold evening chill at the same time.” [Gabriela]

elopements at night in Nevada dry lake bed

Advice for Planning Your Nevada Dry Lake Bed Elopement

As you can see from this styled celestial elopement, a dry lake bed in Nevada is a great option to consider when planning where to elope.

Gabriela loves dry lake beds because they can be a lot of fun, but couples do need to consider how windy areas like this can get, even on a clear day.

Brides might consider wearing their hair up or half down. For the bride that’s all about being wild and free, it can be a lot of fun to let your hair down and embrace the weather!” [Gabriela]

Gabriela also mentions how dry lake beds are generally very large and open, thus this can be a perfect spot to plan a micro wedding with your friends and family. 

“ You also have a lot of freedom to incorporate other fun elements into your day like smoke bombs, sparklers, and/or a bone fire unlike with state and national parks.

There is no access to electricity or outlets out on dry lake beds, so make sure you bring along equipment that doesn’t need immediate access to power. You and your guests can party under the stars after the sun sets because on a clear night, you can be enveloped by the breathtaking moon and sky.” [Gabriela”]

Are you thinking about planning an elopement like this celestial dream? Let us know in the comments below!



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Photos of this Dry Lake Bed Elopement Inspiration

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