Styled Elopement at Neskowin Beach Near Proposal Rock in Oregon

Styled Elopement at Neskowin Beach Near Proposal Rock in Oregon

This styled shoot is the perfect inspiration for couples planning their elopement in Neskowin beach in Oregon. Some couples wonder, how the heck to plan a full day elopement together. Check out this session to get started planning your elopement. 

Stacy Garfield, the photographer from Outshined Photography, captured these epic shots during the Wild Enchantment workshop she attended. She gives us all the tips when planning your elopement together.

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Planning a Beach Elopement in Oregon

Oregon is a beautiful place to elope (it’s actually one of our favorite places to elope), and it’s perfect for couples who either want to adventure together or relax and spend the day together. 

For this styled session, the couple started in a cabin in the woods, spending time together eating breakfast and enjoying each other’s company. Then they had a first look in the yard behind the cabin before their elopement ceremony and sunset portraits near Proposal Rock.

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Tips When Planning a Neskowin Beach Elopement

Neskowin Beach is best known for Proposal Rock and the Ghost Forest. We love Prospal Rock because it gives a super unique look for the backdrop for your wedding portraits. This location is perfect for a ceremony just the two of you, similar to this styled session, or for a micro wedding with your loved ones.

Here are Stacy’s top tips for planning your elopement near Proposal Rock:

  • Set up your ceremony farther away from Proposal Rock.  Most people who go to Neskowin Beach are attracted to that feature.  The further you are from the rock, the fewer people you will encounter.  And you can still get that beautiful feature in your photos.
  • Make sure to check the times of the low and high tide. If possible, plan your ceremony for low tide, so you can have more space to set up your ceremony location and then stroll along the beach for portraits.
  • The public parking area is a bit of a walk, so have someone drop off the couple and the setup for their ceremony close to the beach, so they don’t have to carry everything very far.  There are a few rocks (like steps) that you must take to get to the beach.  So, wear closed-toed shoes for that part.

Beating The Crowds Near Proposal Rock

When you’re planning your elopement at any location, including beaches in Oregon, when you elope is key to avoiding crowds. Stacy tells us planning a sunrise or sunset elopement on a weekday is your ticket to avoid the crowds, especially near Proposal Rock.

Another key for beating crowds during your beach elopement is planning your ceremony at a beach that is not known by many people (don’t worry this is where your photographer and elopement team will help you). You’ll get similar views without all the people. 

The last piece of advice Stacy has for couples is to avoid June, July, and August for beach ceremonies, and we 100% agree with this. Summer months bring loads of people coming for vacation. 

“Spring and Fall are still beautiful times on the Oregon coast and have much fewer people on the beaches. If it happens to rain on your wedding day, you’ll probably have the entire beach to yourself. Just bring your umbrellas and you can have so much fun in the rain!” [Stacy]

Details From This Neskowin Beach Near Proposal Rock

We love the natural details and tones that play off of the landscape in this styled shoot. From the gorgeous arch set up to the bride’s fun and unique elopement dress.  

“My favorite detail from this styled shoot was the picnic setup. I loved how natural everything looked. It blended into the beach and looked like it belonged.  The food was beautiful, in addition to being yummy. And the seating set up was very comfortable for the couple. They could sit there and enjoy everything and feel like they were at the fanciest restaurant (with great views)!” [Stacy]

What details are you loving?

Leaving No Trace During Your Elopement

With the rise in popularity of elopements, comes a lot of couples planning a more intimate and adventurous wedding day. However, leaving no trace (LNT) during your adventure is something we strongly believe all couples should know about.

Leaving no trace, essentially means exactly what it sounds like. If you leave somewhere, leave that location exactly how you found it. Stacy recommends using dry or artificial flowers for your elopement in Neskowin Beach and other beaches. These are less likely to lose petals and dry flowers fit the beach landscape beautifully in photos. 

“If you build a ceremony arch, make sure to use natural materials that will blend in with the natural landscape.  As soon as you finish your ceremony and take all your pictures, have someone take down the arch. This keeps it from potentially damaging anything and altering the ambiance for others who are visiting the beach.” [Stacy]

For beaches like Neskowin, you’ll want to check in with the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department, Permit Manager. Stacy tells us, if you have props for your ceremony for 10 or more guests, they may request that you pay for a permit. With that said, it’s easier to have your ceremony on a beach if you don’t have any props and just have your photographer and two guests with you.

Ultimately, if you decide to have a detailed arch, you’ll also want to make sure it’s allowed at your beach location. Consider hiring an elopement planner to help you decide what the best decor options are for your location.

Are You Ready to Elope?

This styled elopement session in Neskowin beach in Oregon is perfect for couples to get inspired to elope. You can spend the whole day together and bask in each other’s love, instead of getting stressed over planning a traditional wedding. 

Stacy tells us she always tells her couples to not let traditions constrain them on the design of their elopement. Anything is possible with the help of your elopement team. 

“My favorite moment of every elopement is that time when the couple gets lost in each other and the environment and literally melts into each other. They are no longer worried about what others are going to think or what is going on around them.” [Stacy]

If you believe when a couple gets married, they should be the center of attention without the drama, then it’s time to elope.

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Photography |  Outshined Photography

Organized by | Wild Coast Photo

Design | The Slow Cult

Jewelry | Mountainside Made & Juniper Cabin

Attire | Mr Pretty Skirt

Pastries | Sweet Pea Baking

Blanket | Pendeltonwm

Photos From This Styled Elopement at Neskowin Beach

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