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Moving Engagement Inspiration Session at Little Corona del Mar Beach, CA | Carli & Jared

For photographer Ariele Chapman, words cannot possibly do this moving session justice. “This session made my heart hurt in the best way possible, because it was so beautiful and so inspiring,” she says. “The love that Carli and Jared share is indescribable… [they] are two of the most beautiful souls I’ve ever met.” It all began with a serendipitous post on Instagram. A picture of the couple found its way onto Ariele’s feed, and she was immediately captivated by their radiating happiness. Compelled to delve deeper, Ariele read Carli’s blog, and it was not long before she found the inspiration to create this session. “It made me so drawn to her, that I had to reach out and photograph her and her husband,” Ariele shares. “I was so inspired by their love. I reached out to my florist friend, and we decided to do something special for Carli’s wheelchair. I wanted to make that chair as beautiful as Carli is… My experience photographing Carli and Jared was just endless magic.”

This session served as a release for Ariele. She was searching for a way to heal after the end of her own relationship, and capturing love in its purest form helped her to begin. “The love they shared, the connection, and their uplifting spirits made me want to find a love like that… When I met Carlie and Jared, I knew their love is the rarest kind. It’s pure, it’s raw, and it is everything love should be… Their hearts are so connected. Every time they look at each other, there is this glimmer in both of their eyes.” Although the weather was cold and showers were forecasted the day of the shoot, something miraculous occurred. After almost two days of continuous rain, the downpour stopped for ninety minutes, seemingly just for them, allowing Ariele to capture this incredible session.

Mother Nature was certainly on their side, and we are oh so thankful!

“Everyone deserves to find someone in their lives that makes all their insecurities go away, someone who never makes them feel inadequate and someone who truly loves them for who they are.”


“My vision for this shoot was just to showcase true love and to dress up Carli’s wheelchair, to match her beauty. I had not seen anything like it online before, and I wanted to do something different to showcase how differences make us beautiful.”

[Ariele Chapman, Photographer]

“…Jared has helped me accept and love myself for everything that I am, wheelchair and all. I used to NEVER post pictures of myself in a wheelchair and now I can, proudly and confidently… It sounds so simple, but Jared did that for me. He’s loved me and supported me and never ever ever treated me any [differently] for being in a wheelchair.”


Florals | Plain Jane Posy

Thank you to Ariele Chapman for sharing this session!

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