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Mountainous Elopement Inspiration at Lucky Peak Lake in Boise, Idaho

lake elopementPhotographer: Jackie and Michael

Session: Styled Elopement

Location: Lucky Peak Lake, Boise, Idaho, USA

From the Photographer:
“The day of this lake elopement, there was a huge blizzard that came through the valley. Concerned for our models driving out to the location, we decided for the following weekend. The day of the rescheduled shoot, the setting was gorgeous. We drove up to Lucky Peak Lake, just outside of Boise, Idaho and were greeted with snow capped mountains, gorgeous clouds and a beautiful sunset. Myself, my partner Kaye, Amanda, and Mike had a blast traipsing around the area, climbing over hills and rocks, and watching the sun set. Amanda and Mike seemed very excited to have additional pictures of themselves, as they had envisioned a mountaintop wedding, but were unable to do so as they wanted to include their family.”