Stunning Horseback Riding and Mountain Views Elopement at Lofoten Islands in Norway

Stunning Horseback Riding and Mountain Views Elopement at Lofoten Islands in Norway

The elopement of these two stunning brides (Christine and Jasmin) started with a horseback riding tour along the beach on the Lofoten Islands in Norway. The next day they hiked up to a mountaintop where they exchanged their vows at the summit, surrounded by the most beautiful view over the fjords and mountains of Northern Norway. This mountain view elopement in Lofoten Islands is the perfect inspiration for you to elope this year. Get all the details below.

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Permits and Leave No Trace Near Lofoten Islands in Norway for Your Elopement

Photography by Wild Embrace

“One of the best things about Norway is the ‘Right of public access’,  which means that everyone is allowed to walk and even camp on all public land. 

Like everywhere, it is important to leave no trace and don’t leave anything behind so that all of us can enjoy the wild nature of Norway with as few regulations as we have right now.” [Victoria and Fabian, the photographers] 

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Top Tips For Eloping in Norway

“The weather in Norway is unpredictable all year round. We have been super lucky with the weather on the Elopement day of Christine & Jasmine, but we changed the date last minute to make the most out of this sunny and warm day. 

When you plan an elopement in Norway, be prepared for rain, wind, and cold temperatures. Bring layers and waterproof clothes, and if possible, have a backup plan in case the weather makes it impossible to reach the location you want. 

During the summer months, you can experience the midnight sun in Northern Norway. This means it stays bright all day long. To watch the sun slightly touch the horizon and then rise again without setting is truly magical and comes with nightlong sunset light. Although, keep in mind that if you want sunset light, you probably have to stay up until the middle of the night. The winters are rough, and there are even a few weeks without any sunlight in the polar winter.” [Victoria and Fabian, the photographers]  

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Deciding to Elope 

“We choose to do an elopement for a few reasons: we wanted to have an adventure, we are both outdoorsy/active and love travel, we decided if we were going to spend a few thousand on a wedding, we might as well have an epic experience and awesome honeymoon in a different country. We were also planning our wedding/elopement during COVID and knew we wanted something small and intimate.” [The couple]

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Planning Process During This Elopement

“Jasmin and I planned for ~6 months, slowly saving funds, finding flights, locating dresses/suits, planning itineraries etc. We also did a lot of research on packing as we knew we would only be traveling with one carry on each and would have to put all of our wedding items (clothes, shoes, makeup etc) into a backpack when we climbed to the mountaintop where the elopement took place. We researched hiking gear, weather, outfits etc. We also relied a lot on Victoria and Fabian to help us navigate Norway and the ins/outs of planning an Elopement across the country.” [The couple]

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Estimated Cost Breakdown for This Elopement

Flights: ~1,200 each.

Rental Car: $2,700 for two weeks including gas

Food: $ 30/day

Dress: $1000

Suit: $300

Hotel/lodging: ~$2000

Photographers: ~ $5000

Gear (hiking, backpacks, shoes etc) : $1000 each

** Costs including our two weeks in Norway ( travel/lodging/food) 

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Details From This Elopement

“Christine´s Veil was blowing so beautifully in the wind that it was the perfect accessory for their elopement. 

Also, I love Jasmin’s outfit. They have been so careful to pick something that she feels like herself and looks like the most beautiful bride. 

Their matching jeans outfits at the horse riding have also been really cute.” [Victoria and Fabian, the photographers]  

Memorable Moments From This Elopement

From the photographers:

“The first time Christine & Jasmin saw the view from the top of the mountain where they eloped. We choose a hike where you hike all the way from the same direction, and just when you arrive at the top, you can see the view over the turquoise blue water, beaches, and summits in the other direction. It made us so happy to see how excited they were about the location and that the reality exceeded all their imaginations.”

From the couple:

“The moment we saw one another for the first time after changing into our wedding attire. We had both gotten ready on seperate sides of the mountain top. Jasmin was standing overlooking the Fjords- her back to me as I walked to my soon to be wife.” 

Final Words of Advice From The Photographers

“One of the best advice to make sure your elopement will be the best experience is to stay open-minded. We changed the date of their elopement just a couple of days before, and it was the best decision ever. The day before, it was raining all day, and we couldn’t see the view from the top. Of course, rain can be awesome too, and some of our favorite elopements have been in moody weather, but for Christine & Jasmin, this exceptionally warm and sunny August day was perfect. They have been open to all our ideas and advice, and we could feel on their wedding day how much they trusted us as photographers, which made it really easy for us to capture them how they are.” [Victoria and Fabian, the photographers]   


Photography |  Wild Embrace

Christine’s dress | brilliant bridal 

Jamsins’ suit/outfit |  Zara

Christine’s ring | point no point 

Jamin’s ring | Artemer 

Horse Back Riding Company | Hov Gård 

Videographer | Tu Nguyen 

Photos From This Elopement

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