A Colorado Elopement With Mountain Top Elopement Cocktails

A Colorado Elopement With Mountain Top Elopement Cocktails

Every couple is different, so no elopement should be the same. April and Justin told Sean, their photographer, they were building a bar and love making cocktails at home. They went over some different locations in Colorado for their elopement before planning the real magic: mountain-top elopement cocktails!

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About This CO Elopement Day With Elopement Cocktails

Photography by Vows and Peaks

“Making French 75s on top of a mountain might raise a lot of questions but it really was something unique and special to April and Justin. They pre-packed all of their ingredients, shakers, and booze in their bags and even brought some ice to make sure their 75’s tasted like the real deal. But first, they shared a private first look in a meadow with a waterfall overlooking. We then set out to the lake where they hiked up with their two best friends.

We arrived at the lake where they shared their vows before making some cocktails for a picnic to celebrate their elopement. We then hiked down in wedding gear, took in the views, and crossed a river to cap off their big day. It was jam-packed with lots of notes and details that made it special and unique to them!

I really loved how April and Justin sprinkled in something that was unique to them and their relationship for their photos. I have to say, making cocktails at 12,000 feet was a new one for me and the buzz hit quickly that morning!” [Sean, the photographer]

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Deciding to Elope

“Justin and I have an adventurous streak so an elopement hike as somewhere as beautiful as Telluride seemed right up our alley. We wanted the day to be about us rather than worry about all the other million details that come with a more traditional wedding and fortunately our families were very supportive of our wishes.

We wanted to stay in our home state of Colorado not only for the easy of self solemnization but also, it’s so beautiful! We actually had a short list of several locations in Colorado but the San Juan Mountains have always been our favorite state range. They feel epic, dangerous, and beautiful and you cannot beat Telluride in terms of mountain charm.” [The couple]

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Memorable Moments During This Elopement

From the photographer:

“We spotted a porcupine as we started hiking up under our headlamps. I’ve lived in Colorado for ten years and have never seen a porcupine! But this was especially cool because Justin and April are both veterinarians and Justin has always wanted to see a porcupine. No better time than on your wedding day! These guys also went all out on the details of their days from their accessories, drink menus, cards, and the interior of Justin’s jacket. They put a lot of thought and effort into their big day to make sure everything represented them perfectly.”

From the couple:

“Having two of our closest friends along for the ride. It was very special to have them there to witness and celebrate with us, and they were such great sports along for the (very) early and chilly hike that morning!”

Estimated Costs From This Elopement Day

From the couple *not including their photographer’s package*:

  • We had dried flowers for two bouquets, my hairpiece, and even boutonnieres. These were easier to pack up the mountain and were $300 on Etsy
  • Our dress and suit were handmade but we chose styles that were easy to move and hike in and that we didn’t mind getting a bit dirty. For myself and my husband our attire cost under $800 total.
  • Breakfast gourmet picnic after our ceremony on the mountain including a champagne drink and freshly baked local pastries was $75 for all of us.
  • We spent 4 nights total around the Telluride area in Airbnb with our 2 friends. These were more luxurious than our usual stays at approximately $4000 total
  • We also ate out most meals over these 4 days. These were more luxurious and celebratory meals than usual for us and our two friends, budgeting $1000-1200 total for the whole trip.

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Final Words of Advice

“If you’re worried about being in front of a camera, then add it some fun and unique things that you might share together. Justin and April built a bar in their basement last year and make new cocktails together, so making cocktails on the mountain on their wedding day was the perfect way to capture their love in photos.” [Sean, the photographer]


Photography | Vows and Peaks

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