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Mount Cook National Park Elopement in Canterbury, New Zealand | Emma & Kent

Emma and Kent avoided the stress of a traditional wedding by escaping to the place they describe as heaven – New Zealand. Photographers Sirjana and Ben of Tinted Photography met up with them on the road before guiding the couple through remote parts of the island for an epic elopement experience. “Emma and Kent just decided on the date, and they left the planning and locations to us. We were so thrilled to create a day of love and adventure for them both… we knew it would be full of joy and love-soaked moments, but we had no idea that we would be [so] touched by the love they share,” the photographers recall. “Our creative process [involved] listening to their story, asking as many questions as possible, both before and while on the shoot so as to [better] understand their connection, and then working creatively to reflect that unique emotion through our lenses.”

The group delighted in shared feelings of anticipation as the day progressed, eagerly awaiting the moment Emma and Kent would say “I do”. The bride and groom were in complete awe as the Tinted Photography team revealed the breathtaking location they had chosen for the ceremony. There wasn’t a dry eye amongst the party as the couple exchanged vows, and luckily for us, these joyous moments were perfectly captured by Sirjana and Ben. Keep reading to see for yourself!

Photography by Tinted Photography


“It made our wedding more intimate and just for us. It also took the pressure off having a big wedding day, which neither of us wanted, as we don’t like to be on show.”


“Emma and Kent are very different people, and when they are together they lose nothing of themselves and yet retain nothing of themselves. They are two glowing souls emitting love, we could see this in the way their smiles would fade a little the moment they weren’t looking at each other.”

[Sirjana and Ben, Photographers]


“We’ve always [thought] that New Zealand is a ‘slice of heaven’. Actually, our planning of the trip was kind of a last minute thing, but luckily our photographer shared some useful tips that saved our lives. The best parts of any wedding are the ones you can’t plan.”


“When you book your [elopement] photographer, don’t just find a style you love, find humans you would love to adventure with. It makes all the difference.”

[Sirjana and Ben]

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