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Misty Seaside Styled Elopement in Big Sur, CA | Becky & Victor

It was 4:30 in the morning when photographer Kayla Sprint rose with her creative team to bring this session to life. “For as long as I can remember, I’ve dreamed about the day I’d be able to visit Big Sur and capture all the majestic landscapes…” Kayla shares. Although she had originally hoped for brilliant sunrise colors, heavy fog rolled in and changed the mood of the session entirely. “As we arrived to Bixby Bridge, it wasn’t what I initially dreamt of, but we were all completely blown away by the views. The fog was… covering most of the bridge, but you could see all the lush greenery peaking out, which was so beautiful. I loved that the bride and groom stood out and made such a statement with the foggy backdrop, especially when we had some wind blowing!”

Coming into her very first styled elopement, Kayla’s vision was to create a bohemian look with a bit of an edge. She achieved this through details such as layering a leather jacket over the bride’s dreamy Kirsten Paige gown. “I had no idea what to expect beforehand,” Kayla says. “It wasn’t that it was just a beautiful place but that I really felt like it was a location that had a story to tell that could be portrayed in so many different ways… I felt like I was really bringing all my Pacific Northwest vibes to the photos, and I ended up really being thankful that the weather was the way it was. The sun finally came out as the bride and groom celebrated on the beach, and it became a perfect ending to the day.”

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Photography by Kayla Sprint Photography

“In my own work, I want my photos to exude the feeling of the moment and the people in that moment. I feel like I wouldn’t have been able to do that if I didn’t have a talented team behind me so I’m thankful for that!”

[Kayla Sprint, Photographer]

“…Becky caught Victor’s eye in a photo… He said he immediately messaged her and had to know more about her… She finally gave in and went on a few dates with him, and her mind completely changed… It was really unique getting to work with Becky and Victor, because I didn’t feel like it was your typical love story, and I loved that. Love is so many different things, and it was amazing to see their love flourish on camera.”

[Kayla Sprint]

“Shooting Becky and Victor on the edge of a cliffside with a foggy Bixby Bridge in the backdrop [was a highlight]. They both looked so stunning together and really embraced the moment.”

[Kayla Sprint]

Florals | Willow & Plum
Bridal Designer | Kirsten Paige
Makeup | Irina Antonova
Tie | My Tie Shop
Videography | Bryton Wilson

Thank you to Wandering Weddings member Kayla Sprint for sharing this session!

Member Spotlight Page | Kayla Sprint Photography

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