Micro Wedding at Hotel Domestique Near Greenville, SC

Micro Wedding at Hotel Domestique Near Greenville, SC

You don’t always have to plan a long elopement hike to have an adventurous wedding day. Finding the right wedding venue near your adventures allows you to have the best of both worlds. Samantha and Anthony planned an intimate mountain micro wedding at Hotel Domestique outside of Greenville, South Carolina. Check out all the details and what you need to know.

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Planning an Elopement Adventure & Micro Wedding at Hotel Domestique

Photography by Anna Holden Photo

“This venue is super gorgeous has the best mountain views with open pasture! In leiu of an aisle for the bride, there’s a long fountain pond. If you’re wanting to elope here (and the venue allows it), I would opt for a spot on the grass to really soak in the mountain views..Intimiate venues give you the cozy, comfortable vibe while also making you feel like royalty. The event planners that this venue works with were top-knotch and they ensured that every detail was taken care of.” [Anna, the photographer]

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Deciding to Plan an Intimate Micro Wedding

“We wanted something intimate and personal. We didn’t want the stress of having to include anyone and everyone without leaving people out…We really wanted mountains and were considering Wyoming, but South Carolina was a lot easier for both of our families including small kids…Honestly, the planing was so easy, we had basically little involvement. We had a wedding planner and Anna who pretty much handled everything.” [The Couple]

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Details From This Micro Wedding

“I loved that Sam and Anthony got all the big wedding day vibes with their closest friends and family there. She was able to walk down the aisle with her dad, have a champagne toast, first dance, and intimate candle lit dinner without the pressures of being watched by hundreds of people and spending the night making small talk. It was everything you need in a wedding day. As far as the venue goes, I was obsessed with the venues architecture inside. There was a really dramatic staircase that just made the bride and groom pop. The mountain views were also gorgeous and gave the bride the “pinterest” vibes she was wanting.” [Anna, the photographer]

Memorable Moments

From the photographer:

“My favorite part was when Sam and Anthony took me around to all their favorite spots they scoped out for their portraits. They had come up a few months earlier to find the perfect locations for their portraits and they totally did! I love when couples get really invested into the photography aspect of their day. After all, this is what they’ll have for the rest of their life!”

From the couple:

“I think the fact that we didn’t have to do much, we just got to hang out and enjoy Greenville and our families. Everything was pretty much taken care of and we didn’t have to stress about a million different details and vendors.”

Are you ready to elope? Anna tells us Greenville has the BEST small town feel, and big city vibe to it. It’s a real juxtaposition that makes it the perfect place for an intimate wedding.

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Photography | Anna Holden Photo
Venue | Hotel Domestique
Hotel |Homewood Suites Greenville
Planner | Love This Little City
Photographer | Hazography
Flowers | Twigs
Catering/Reception | Soby’s
Hair & Make-Up | Katey Atkins

Photos From This Micro Wedding

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