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Hi, I’m Kim creator of MELA. I was born and raised in India, surrounded by lots of colors, sights, sounds and smells, I truly believe it formed me into an artist. However, I never knew I would switch brush and pencil for a camera until the day I assisted my friend at a wedding, and a new love affair for a new art form transpired. Photography is a sacred and intimate art form for me, holding a camera forces me to pause and notice the rare beauty in simple moments. I capture those moments of truth, preserving them in timeless imagery for generations to come. I absolutely love what I do.

There are some things my simple self can take- like the perpetual overcast rainy days of the Pacific Northwest, that Pip’s donut’s are to die for, or that yoga is really really good for you. But then I don’t get why Americans like to say “chai tea” when in fact “chai” and “tea” are the same word, or that The Office is such a big thing (there, I said it!) Okay, how about the fact that my American accent is totally fake, but it’s a pretty good one! This is me being vulnerable..I love when my clients get vulnerable in front of the camera, it’s honest and seriously is the single most beautiful thing to behold. So share your love story, let’s laugh together, cry together..I want to be your friend.

Based in Portland, OR

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Kim is FANTASTIC! She has such an artistic eye and knows just what to do to get that perfect shot! She works hard to find perfect locations, talks you through posing and is always willing to try something new! I am extremely happy with the pictures I got and could not ask for anything better! Thank you Kim for not only taking beautiful pictures but making the experience memorable and enjoyable!

– Bethany H

Kim is as real as it gets. She is a creative, people-loving, down-to-earth person with loads of talent and a heart for celebration!

– Sharon L

Kim was fantastic! She captured every moment perfectly! Planning an international wedding and trying to find locations wasn’t an easy task, but Kim went above and beyond to make it all easier. She flew in a few days early to familiarize herself with locations and the setup etc and was extremely professional throughout. Not only did she cover our wedding, she took the time do a private session for us prior to our wedding at a beautiful location she found. This is beside the pictures from our rehearsal. We could not have asked for a better photographer.
Thank you so much Kim for capturing our day. You gave us some beautiful memories to hold onto.
Once again – THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts.

– Deb P