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Hi. My name is Maura Davidson. You will find me attached to my computer, calendar, and camera most of the time. I am a planner currently striving to live in the moment, a hopeless romantic facing reality, and dreamer who refuses to settle. I love adventures/traveling, London Fog lattes, and my eleven year old Maltese puppy. At every couples session and wedding “I strive to create beautiful art with people,for people, to capture time and to tell stories”. If you read that more than once on my website, my pricing PDFs or my Instagram feed, that is intentional on my part. This is my mission statement for Maura Davidson Photography. Through my wedding business I have found myself reaching out to touch the treacherous, stormy, beautiful, all consuming, and terrifying emotion of love that we have on this earth among us. From all of the raw and hungry couples who I have been blessed to work with, I get butterflies from their smiles, chills from their stories and a tingling on the bottom of my feet as I capture their love from behind my camera. Although this is my job, I hope to treat it as an act of service to all of my clients. I strive to deliver as much joy to my couples as they have delivered to me. Choose me.

Based in Athens, Georgia

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“My experience with Maura Davidson Photography was amazing. First off, Maura is the sweetest and her passion for capturing the perfect moment for you and your loved ones is evident in her work. She is always professional while also making you feel comfortable and so loved. When starting to look for photographers for my wedding I did not look long. I had seen Maura’s work before and I also had experience in a small portrait session with her in the past and knew that I wanted to use her. She puts a lot of thought into being creative in her shoots and that is exactly what my husband and I were wanting for our engagement session and wedding day. Maura was such an easy pick for us. Maura Davidson Photography was an easy and simple booking. We met at a coffee shop to go over our contract and Maura laid everything out for us where we knew exactly what was going on. During our engagement session she was patient and smiled the whole time. She was creative and easy going when we wanted to change it up and bring our dogs into the pictures. She also was so good at getting my husband to come out of his shell and feel comfortable during the picture taking process, which I loved. Before the wedding, Maura was so great about me telling her of any special pictures that I might want to capture on the wedding day. She also wanted to tour the venue so she could capture details and have an idea before the wedding. It was great. On the wedding day, I will tell you I am already a low stress bride, but knowing Maura was behind the camera; I was not worried one bit. I am serious, Maura and the team of girls that she will bring along (if you chose that package) are THE best. They made Trevor and I’s wedding day stress free and full of smiles. I will be using Maura Davidson Photography to capture many other special moments in my life to come. Book her! You will not regret it.”

-Macey B.