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Dreamy Maui Beach Elopement + Top 4 Tips When Eloping in Hawaii

Dreamy Maui Beach Elopement + Top 4 Tips When Eloping in Hawaii

Rodrigo Moraes specializes in taking elopement photography in Hawaii, and he recently shared this dreamy Maui beach elopement with us.

The couple, Andrea and Manu, traveled to elope in Hawaii from Madrid, Spain. They wanted a secluded beach wedding, and according to Rodrigo, their simple elopement was very emotional.

“It was so special with tears, laughs, and the beautiful Maui background. After their ceremony, we then went to a cliffside with epic views for more portraits. Everything was very intimate and heartfelt.” [Rodrigo]

After seeing how gorgeous this elopement was, we asked Rodrigo to share his top 4 tips for couples to consider when planning their elopement in Hawaii.

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1. Do Your Legal Homework

According to Rodrigo, you don’t need much to elope in Hawaii, but you should make sure the main legal to-dos are in order. You need to make sure you have your officiant, marriage license, and location permit, which is usually provided by the photographer or planner.

“Elopements are just so much more intimate and personal. The couple can be themselves fully, without the pressure of guests and an audience. It’s just about the two of them. The storytelling behind it is also so special.” [Rodrigo]

Check out this intimate ceremony from this couple’s Maui beach elopement.

elopement vows

2. Find the Perfect Location

When planning your Maui elopement in Hawaii, couples need to think about the location they want to have their ceremony. Rodrigo recommends a more remote location, such as on top of a cliff in the middle of nowhere.

He tells us Hawaii has plenty of intimate locations that offer gorgeous views. You can easily drive up, park your car, and exchange your vows. Rodrigo says the beach is always a good call for your Hawaii elopement.

“Beaches in Hawaii are public, but not all of them allow weddings. Make sure you research or ask your planner or photographer for a list of the beaches that allow weddings.” [Rodrigo]

Speaking of locations, we covered the best places to elope in Hawaii. This resource will also better guide you on how to elope in Hawaii to have an elopement like this dreamy Maui beach elopement.

sunset elopement pictures in Hawaii

3. Consider Lighting and Time

Even though the weather in Hawaii is nice year-round, the sun in Hawaii can be incredibly strong. Remember to bring your sunscreen, but you should also remember to plan your elopement depending on the sunlight you are trying to go for, especially planning your elopement at the beach.

“Hawaii lighting can be harsh. I recommend getting married wither in the morning or close to sunset.” [Rodrigo]

celebrating marriage in Hawaii

4. Do Your Research

Rodrigo wants to remind couples that research is essential when trying to plan your perfect Hawaii elopement in Maui or any other location in Hawaii.

This couple planned their Maui beach elopement via Skype with Rodrigo, Elope in Hawaii, and their officiant.

“This couple is amazing, and they fully trusted me. They wanted a simple elopement with their feet in the sand, in Hawaii. They also gave me all the creative freedom I could ask for.” [Rodrigo]

Even though elopements do not require tons of planning compared to a big, traditional wedding, they do require some planning to achieve the look and feel you both want.

Have clear communication with your elopement team and “make sure they can make things look and run exactly how you want it,” says Rodrigo.

hawaii elopement kiss


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Photos From This Maui Beach Elopement

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Thank you to Rodrigo Moraes for sharing this session, and congratulations to Andrea and Manu!