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Maroo: The New Payment System That Helps Wedding Vendors Get Paid Quicker (Plus it’s Free!)

Being a wedding vendor gives you the opportunity to venture to lots of unique areas to document love, especially if you specialize in elopements. This leads up to the question… How are you charging your couples? If you have a second shooter, how are you paying them? Maroo is a new payment system for small businesses, specifically in the wedding industry. This payment platform takes all the guesswork out of getting paid and paying others, so you can do your thing.

Best Payment System For Your Small Business

Maroo is similar to other payment systems used for small businesses like Zelle and Venmo, but Maroo is specifically tailored to the wedding industry. You’re able to track all of your payments in one spot, including payments received and those you have paid out to other businesses and freelancers.

The best part about this service? It’s free and simple!

All you have to do is set up a profile, add your bank account information, create a payment request or pay another business.

Here are some ideas on how you can utilize Maroo in your business:

  • Submit your business invoice to clients
  • Pay a second shooter who accompanies you during a wedding day
  • Refer other vendors to your clients
  • Pay other vendors during a styled session
  • Suggest your clients use Maroo to better track their wedding budget
  • Set up auto-pay for any team members

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How Maroo Differs From Other Payment Platforms

Unlike other platforms, Maroo is straightforward and tailored to your business. You’re able to see all your transactions on your dashboard, which makes it easy to track in comparison to other payment platforms where you have to keep up with each request you send. You can also offer installment plan options to your clients. Once you send your request(s), you have more time to focus on your couples.

Maroo offers free transfers on all ACH and debit cards and a 2.9% fee on credit cards (in most US states, wedding pros can pass this along to their clients!). Soon, Maroo will even have an electronic check deposit option that we think will be a game-changer. Wedding pros are paid within 1-4 business days regardless of how the client paid (and there are no daily limits!).

The platform is CRM and bookkeeper-friendly–easily integrated with Zapier and fully integrated with Quickbooks (which makes it a breeze come tax time). Maroo also has an auto pay feature and a section of the dashboard where wedding businesses can pay other businesses and freelancers.

5 Reasons Why Wedding Vendors Should Give Maroo a Try

  1. You get paid faster (within 1-4 business days!)
  2. Some of the lowest transaction rates in the industry (free ach, 2.9% debit and credit card fees can pass this along to clients)
  3. Maroo offers A Pay Over Time option. It allows you to offer installment plan options to your clients while receiving 100% of the contract amount within 1 business day. Cancellation insurance is included to protect from chargebacks.
  4. No Daily Limits
  5. Autopay option!

Don’t you think it’s time to update your payment platform for your business?

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