Elopement Inspiration at Magical Mountain Yurt in Granite Falls, WA

Elopement Inspiration at Magical Mountain Yurt in Granite Falls, WA

Eloping allows you to have an intimate wedding day experience with your partner without worrying about all the extra fluff. This romantic-styled elopement was at an Airbnb, Magical Mountain Yurt, in Granite Falls, WA. The photographer, Jess from Bloom & Wander Co, walks us through the elopement details to help couples like yourself recreate something similar!

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Planning Your Elopement at Magical Mountain Yurt

Photography by Bloom & Wander Co

This Magical Mountain Yurt is perfect for couples eloping just the two of them. We love how this property has eight acres of mossy forest on the South Fork of the Stillaguamish River to explore.

The yurt itself is perfect for getting ready portraits with its luxury glamping style. This accommodation is even a great location if you’re planning a North Cascades elopement.

Per Dave, the Airbnb host, “For elopements – friends and family with permission is fine. We’d just want to get the number of people and talk about options for how people might sleep, (tents or RVs vs neighboring options) and any impacts on cost.”

As far as leave no trace (LNT), be sure to discuss specific areas the host would want you not to explore. Other than that, basic practices (picking up after yourself, not picking flowers, etc.) should always be considered and followed. 

Logistics to Consider When Planning Your Elopement at an Airbnb From the Photographer

  1. Get Permission – Airbnb and VBRO are awesome because you are working with real people and their homes. If you are approved to have an Airbnb elopement, it’s so important you respect the rules of the home, property, and local community.

“Send a message to the Airbnb host and ask permission. Be honest about your intentions, while keeping in mind the hosts point of view. The host is likely wary of the words wedding or party because they conjure up stereotypical visions of a DJ dance party or late night rager. So rather than say you want to host a wedding reception, explain that you are eloping in a very small ceremony nearby and just wish to invite a handful of friends and family back for dinner (of course staying honest to your intentions).”

2. Parking – Depending on the number of people invited, be sure to scope out the parking situation and how many cars are permitted on the property.

3. Indoor and Outdoor Space – If people will be gathering, consider both the indoor and outdoor space. In case of bad weather, can guests comfortably gather indoors?

4. Are Bathrooms Available? – If people will be gathering, ensure that there are ample/working bathrooms to accommodate them.

5. Consider Your Location – Make sure you consider the ease and accessibility of the location for yourself and all parties involved in your wedding day.

6. What Vendors do you Need? – What will be needed to bring your dream elopement to life? A private chef? A food truck? Décor installation or table set-up? What will those vendors need access to – a kitchen, electrical, parking area, etc. You will need to ensure the host is onboard and the property can accommodate the additional needs.

7. Does the Aesthetic/Decor fit the Vibe You’re Looking For? –  Whatever you do, respect the home.

8. Is the Airbnb Photography Ready/Permitted? – Are there views on the property or nearby for your portraits? Does the home let in ample window light? Does the host allow photography and if so, are there additional fees? All questions you’ll want to consider.

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Details We Love From This WA Elopement Inspiration

From the photographer:

“My favorite details came from mother nature herself. The raindrops on the golden tray, the texture of the moss on the forest floor and how it contrasted so beautifully with our detail flat lay. I think the details really came together perfectly. The pop of spring against a moody PNW backdrop on a rainy spring day (gorgeous bouquet featuring daffodils and hyacinths, colorful pastel roses atop a black cake, striking black lace Maggie Sottero dress bellowing amongst the evergreen trees, handmade pressed floral earrings and necklace set in black resin, rich forest green velour details. I think what I love most is the overall theme of dark and light/springtime and rebirth.”

From the couple:

“One of our favorite moments is when we were sitting on the magical mossy bank picnicking under the trees, and Keifer and I sat there together. Something about that moment just felt so special with us together connected there with the silence of the woods in such a beautiful location wearing such a stunning dress, it really felt like a dream.”

Incorporating Activities During Your Elopement

“Your life together is a story, let’s tell that story. What do you love to do together as a couple? What are the things that bring you alive and make you most happy? You can do those things on your wedding day! When your day is about doing fun things and making memories together, you are living your story, and I am capturing it (rather than just staged photos).” [Jess, the photographer]

Here are a few specific activity ideas Jess loves:

  • Get ready with your partner and spend the whole dang day together. You can make breakfast together, go for a morning walk, lounge by the fire with your coffee, take a bubble bath together, you can blast all your favorite tunes together while getting ready…
  • Consider putting a little spin on the first look and making it your own. You can help each other into your wedding attire or turn back to back to keep it a surprise.
  • Love whiskey tasting together, do a first whiskey toast. Or a first dance.
  • Surprise your partner with a gift.
  • Share letters or private vows.
  • Have some fun after dark! Golden hour and sunset/sunrise is an amazing time for your ceremony and portraits, but if start/stick around during blue hour and after dark, you have an incredible opportunity to make some really dreamy, ethereal nighttime portraits with lanterns, string lights, car headlights or even a sky full of stars.

What Does it Mean to Elope?

“I think there are loads of misconceptions about what it means to elope. And one of those misconceptions is that eloping is for only the most ultra adventurous couples who climb mountains and go trail running every day (when in reality that snapshot only reflects like 5% of people). One of my biggest goals and passions as an elopement photographer is to make eloping accessible and redefine adventure. Maybe your version of adventuring together is road tripping to all of your favorite craft breweries together or trying new restaurants. Maybe you love to kayak or maybe you love to just curl up beside the fire with a book. Maybe you like to hike mountains or maybe you’d rather savor a walk through the woods.

Every couple is on their own adventure together and it looks different for every person. So yea… An elopement is not an epic mountain climbing adventure. Sure can be. But really, an elopement is an intentional meaningful experience that reflects your own unique life adventure together.” [Jess, the photographer]

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Photography | Jess Albonico, Bloom & Wander Co

Florist | Carmen Winquist, Noctua Florals
HMAUA | Joey Van Pelt, Skagit Bridal Hair and Makeup
Dress | Maggie Sottero Designs
Jewelry | Jess Albonico, Bloom & Wander Co Design
Cake | Amber Markland, Sift and Gather 
Vow Books | Jayme Gunnel, Hazeleyedesigns
Ring Box + Flat Lay Details | Jaime, Champagne and Grit
Yurt Airbnb | Magical Mountain Retreat Yurt – David
Couple | Keelie Hyppa and Keifer Stovall

Photos From This Magical Mountain Yurt Elopement

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