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Luxe Boho Elopement in Max Patch, NC | Jordyn & Jesse

Photographer Gabrielle von Heyking has a salient piece of advice for anyone planning an adventurous elopement: remember that whatever you take with you up the mountain must later come back down. This was particularly important for this Max Patch session, which called for a rigorous hike to the gorgeous ceremony site. “Max Patch is a beautiful 4,600-foot bald mountain located in Madison County, North Carolina,” Gabrielle shares. “[It was] a steep hike, so getting the vintage furniture up there was no easy task, but in the end it was all worth it.” Max Patch is a perfect place to start your NC elopement.

The team arrived early in the afternoon to prepare for the 6pm nuptials, and as Gabrielle recalls, “It was a bit stressful trying to lug everything up the side of the mountain and get it set up in time… but with a lot of teamwork we were able to pull it off.” After meeting in middle school, this couple’s paths crossed again later in life, and this time they knew they would forever be a part of one another’s lives. Choosing to elope meant sharing their union with only their nearest and dearest, and the location of their ceremony held a particular significance. “Jesse and Jordyn are both Cherokee and wanted to honor their heritage by getting married in the mountains they grew up in,” Gabrielle says. “Working with the two of them was so easy and carefree. One of the first things I noticed about them was their connection and how focused they were on each other.”

Simplicity meets luxury in this session, and we simply cannot get enough of the lavish feel of the boho sweetheart table!


“My creative process… usually starts out with an idea and from there I build a Pinterest board with any ideas that I feel like fit the theme or look I am going for. I then start assembling the vendor team that I think will best accomplish and pull off the style I am going for. My vision for this elopement was for it to have a bohemian feel. I wanted to incorporate macrame, lots of greenery and succulents, persian rugs, and a table setting for two.”

[Gabrielle von Heyking, Photographer]


“Jesse and Jordyn met when she was in the fifth grade and he was in the fourth grade. They dated back then and then went their separate ways until two years ago when fate brought them back together again. Jesse’s mom always knew that Jesse would find his way back to Jordyn and she was right. She said it was her plan all along for the two of them to get married! Jordyn said that choosing to date Jesse again was the best decision she’s ever made… Working with the two of them was so easy and carefree. One of the first things I noticed about them was their connection and how focused they were on each other. They both couldn’t stop smiling and giggling with each other, and I loved how giddy they both were during their elopement.”

[Gabrielle von Heyking]


“There were so many amazing parts throughout the day. [One] of my favorite moments [was] when they read their handwritten vows to each other on the side of the mountain before they had their ceremony with family and friends…”

[Gabrielle von Heyking]


“Elopements are so beautiful because they put the focus where it should be, on the couple! My advice would be to just keep the setup for an elopement simple, because everything that goes up the mountain or into the woods, must come back down. Keep it simple because it’s about the couple and that’s what matters most!”

[Gabrielle von Heyking]

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Thank you to Gabrielle von Heyking for sharing this session, and congratulations to Jordyn + Jesse!

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