We’ve been married since May of 2016 and dang, do we freaking love it. We’re huge supporters of this marriage thing. Our story goes something like this: we met in 2013 and stayed friends for a while until one day it occurred to us that we could spend our lives together. We went from being friends to thinking of marriage in a matter of minutes. Our love is an easy one.

We created a tiny human and we named him Revel Hayes Brown. This kid is our world. He’s gentle and tiny and sweet and everything about him is perfect. We love love love him. Anyways, we spend our days binge-watching Netflix (like lock ourselves in a room and watch a whole season in one sitting), we dream of far away places and go there from time to time, and we spend a whole lot of time laughing. We want a full life – to see the whole dang world. To see it, taste it, and experience all that it has to offer. We’re curious beings; lovers of light, the Lord, deep talks, and all things authentic.

We love people, it’s kind of our thing together. We pay attention – that’s why photography works for us.

We’re lovers here to capture love.

Wanna know a bit more about us as individuals?

Lindsey is that perfect combination of cool and funny and sweet. She knows what she likes and has an eye for what looks good, she’s one of the few girls that’s ever been able to make me laugh with her and not at her (I know, I’m rude), she’s incredibly thoughtful and patient; she’s just the whole package. She’s been gifted with this crazy ability to match people’s energy, so if you’re sad then she’ll mope with you and if you’re on top of the world then she’ll celebrate with you and everything in between. She loves reality TV, Chick-fil-A, interior design, and watching stupid YouTube videos of people falling down with me. She’s gorgeous, she’s strong-willed, she’s creative, and best of all she’s mine. I love working with her and I love loving other people with her. The Lord let me change her last name in May of 2016 and we’ve been living the best life I could’ve imagined ever since.

Matt is alllllll about rap. He studies it. Like so hard. Ask him about anyone in the hip-hop world – he’ll probably know their life story. More than anything, he’s freaking funny. Everyone loves him and that’s something that’s really special to me. He can make anyone laugh and he has the quickest wit. He’s also incredibly smart. I personally think he’s the smartest person I know, though he’d deny it. He’s so sweet. He’s thoughtful and patient. He notices people and sees people for who they really are. He’s cute and has dimples and good hair and pretty blue eyes. He’s a really special guy and I’m thankful to know him, let alone be loved by him. I know that the Lord loves me because He gave me Matt. I needed Matt, not like I couldn’t live without him, but he gives me joy and life like no other.

Based in Dallas, TX

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“Everyone tells us, but we already knew, never go for less than the best when it comes to wedding photos. Matt and Lindsey truly are artists at their craft, and their photos are so beautiful and unique. We did not just get wedding photos, we received a story of our day captured in the most beautiful way we can imagine. You will notice right when looking at their work, they are different and unique. What you can’t see, but all the reviews below concur with, is how wonderful they are as people. Matt and Lindsey are also soulmate lovebirds, new parents, and the perfect friendly strangers to have around on your big day. They try to make you feel as comfortable as possible and being yourself and happy on your big day is as easy as if you were by yourselves. We wanted amazing photos, but with an editorial feel and no super cheesy poses and clichés. Matt and Lindsey got that, and our pictures turned out magical! We had our wedding in Chicago and never for a second doubted that Matt and Lindsey would be dependable. We did not stress about them making their flights or finding the hotels and venues, etc. They made a massive effort to capture the moments but not impose on them. Their photos speak for themselves, you can see that you should book them. But as people, believe us when we say you can’t find more a more dependable and wonderful couple to work with! We look forward to having you capture us as a family one day down the line :)”

– Richard & Danielle

“Where do we even start? Warning: I am about to rave and use a lot of exclamation points. Matt and Lindsey of Local Embers are not only talented photographers, but flat out amazing humans. We were given their name by a friend and what a valued recommendation that turned out to be. Firstly, when they initially Skyped with us to answer our preliminary questions before we decided to book, we chatted for over an hour and mostly because they were so darn easy to get along with and fun! Their own marriage appears so genuine, goofy, loving, and balanced that it makes one feel more secure in booking them as you yourself are headed toward marriage. We saw qualities in them that we could admire, look up to, and trust. Communication through the wedding planning process was so easy and clear. We never had any issues, I am not exaggerating. Quick responders and always thorough. The day of the wedding I can still not believe how wonderful they both were. It was a HOT Texas Fall day and our wedding was entirely outdoors. Oh, and Lindsey was very pregnant. Yet, we never heard one complaint and our pictures were absolutely stunning. Matt was so wonderful and genuine and fun that he made the difficult parts way smoother and took care of sweet pregnant Lindsey in such a precious way behind the scenes. And Lindsey was definitely no slouch; she was positive, upbeat, and sweet and endearing. My now husband and I HATE posed photos and Local Embers captured the most beautiful candid moments without us even noticing. When we did have to be posey they never forced it and allowed for natural moments to happen even within a pose. They were always calm, never appeared stressed, and so fun. Many of our guests and wedding party commented on how terrific they were and we could not agree more. We had a few surprises and hiccups throughout the day on our end, but Matt and Lindsey rode them out like champs and you would have never known if they were stressed. If it is not apparent yet, we loved having these two as a part of our day and are so thrilled we decided to hire them. We loved our day and we love how they captured the day through their lens. Hire photographers who are in love themselves, they know what they’re looking for. :)”

– Meghan & Brent

“MATT & LINDSEY ARE THE BEST!!! My husband and I absolutely loved having them as our wedding photographers! Not only are they incredibly talented and intentional with their work; they are just wonderful people to be around. Matt has a upbeat and funny personality that made our engagement photo session full of genuine laughter and joy. Lindsey is super patient and encouraging which made the hours before and during our wedding, smooth and authentically beautiful. They knew exactly what to do and where to be without being asked and were there for Johnny and I every step of the way. It is so cool to see a sweet couple do what they love together and do it SO WELL. Use them for any event and you won’t be disappointed! I could not be more satisfied and grateful for their selflessness and talent in capturing our special day through photos & videography.”

– Johnny & Chloe