Sunrise Lake Chelan Elopement in Washington

Sunrise Lake Chelan Elopement in Washington

Ashley and Stephen’s Lake Chelan Elopement adventure in Washington is everything a couple would want for their wedding day. After postponing their larger wedding, these two became one overlooking gorgeous Lake Chelan in the pacific northwest. Get all the details from their sunrise elopement ceremony in the mountains.

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Lake Chelan elopement in Washington State

Photography by Ariena Photography

Deciding Where to Elope in Washington

When it comes to planning your elopement, your elopement location is by far the most important step, according to Ellen Rogov from Ariena Photography.

Washington State is one of the best places to elope if you’re looking for epic mountain views. But how do you pick the right elopement location?

“I would ask my couple what their dream location looks like. Is this ocean beach? Or maybe rainforest? If they like sunny weather or moody fog. We will narrow down all the options until we find the most beautiful and romantic place.” [Ellen]

For Ashley and Stephen, their elopement destination was meaningful to their relationship. They picked their original venue based on their guest list and accessibility, but since their original plans flopped due to the pandemic, they no longer had limitations on their ceremony location based on the number of guests.

“Chelan, WA has been a special getaway spot for us throughout our relationship, and we were engaged a year earlier on a bike ride just up the hill. It’s a place we could be with our family, our dogs, and enjoy some of our favorite things – clear water, endless trails, and french fries by the bucket. We’ve always felt the happiest and most comfortable exploring outdoors in the PNW, whether by foot, by bike, or by car. We spent several weeks in Chelan as quarantine first hit, and spent the time exploring the surrounding hills, looking for the perfect spot to hold the ceremony.” [Ashley]

Rock at Lake Chelan Lake in PNW

Planning a Lake Chelan Elopement

Weddings in the Lake Chelan area can be crowded in the pacific northwest, but it can also be rewarding. Knowing the general area you both want to elope to will allow your elopement photographer to help you scout out the best places.

Ellen tells us summers in Lake Chelan can be extremely hot and dusty. She recommends planning an early sunrise or sunset elopement ceremony.

Ashley and Stephen tell us that planning their elopement was a breeze, but the hardest part was deciding to elope and making the final call to postpone their previous plans. Once that was done, they both relied on their families and photographer to finalize their elopement plans.

“We had a spot, we had confirmation our parents could be with us, and we had asked my uncle to officiate, so we were able to keep things small and as safe as possible. We decided to hold the ceremony early in the morning to stay out of the heat, and also to maximize the time we had that weekend with our families rather than dedicate the whole day to getting ready. My mom is an event planner and Stephen’s mom used to be a florist, so we had plenty of help from family as well in creating those details to make the day feel special.” [Ashley]

Lake Chelan Wedding ceremony with uncle officiating

Memorable Moments During This Elopement in the PNW

For some couples, the thought of waking up at 4 am seems dreadful, but we promise you won’t regret it. Sunrise elopements are epic! Ellen tells us how unforgettable their first look was. She loved seeing Stephen’s reaction when Ashley walked down the hill in the early morning light.

Planning their wedding day near Lake Chelan allowed this couple to have a unique elopement experience for their special day.

“You always hear that there are certain things you won’t get to enjoy about your wedding day as it all happens so fast, but that wasn’t true for us. There were no larger than life expectations that would fail to be met, since we were all sort of playing it by ear, it was new to everyone. We got to read out vows we hadn’t rehearsed, take a nap midday, dig into our cake whenever we wanted to, and laugh instead of panic when it turned out to be one of the windiest nights of the year. All in all, the casual nature of the day was a much truer reflection of our lives together.” [Ashley]

First look moment during elopement in Washington

Should You Plan a Washington Elopement?

The pacific northwest is a favorite among our team for elopements. If you’re thinking about eloping, then check out our Washington elopement packages for more location ideas.

This couple is the perfect example to show other couples how simple, beautiful, and stress-free planning an elopement can be.

“Elopements provide a more intimate setting and provide me, as a photographer, lots of time to really get to know the couple and capture the perfect moment. Couples can have space and time for themselves and I have lots of opportunities to catch their candid moments.” [Ellen]

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bride and groom drinking champagne after their elopement


Photography – Ariena Photography
Dress – A & Be Bridal – designed by WTOO
Groom’s attire – H & M
Officiant – Brian DiJulio

Photos From This Lake Chelan Elopement, WA

First look moment during elopement in Washington

Thank you Ellen for sharing this magical elopement in the PNW!

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