An Elopement With Mountain Views and  a Beer Garden With Pizza in Hawaii

An Elopement With Mountain Views and a Beer Garden With Pizza in Hawaii

Brynn and Travis chose to do everything their way and snuck away on Friday the 13th to elope in Hawaii. Check out all the details from this unique and laid back elopement adventure.

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About This Hawaii Elopement Adventure

“They woke up at a beautiful Airbnb on the beach and had Pog mimosas and fresh-cut fruit from a fruit stand for breakfast, went hiking and swimming in the refreshing Lulumahu Falls waterfall, got dressed while still wet from swimming under a waterfall, and had a first look in their his and hers jeeps after hiking, hiked cliffside with mountain views, and ended the day cooling off in a keg cooler of a beer garden and ate at a pizza food truck! The couple combined all of their favorite activities into one badass day!” [Amy, the photographer]

Planning Your Elopement in Hawaii

“Hawaiians respect the need to take care of the land, and to preserve and protect it. You might have seen the words Aina and Pono on bumper stickers there, which are words meaning to respect and protect the land. You have to apply for state of Hawaii Department of land and natural resources commercial activity permits. There are only specific beaches and parks that you can legally get permits for, and you also have to apply with the Hawaii Film Dept for permits. You’ll need your photographer’s insurance to do these.

There are very strict permitting laws to not only take photos on beaches and state parks there, but to also even hike in some areas you need a permit. We hiked up a waterfall called Lulumahu falls and it was beautiful! You can only hike to this waterfall by applying for a permit online, and it was a bit muddy and difficult to hike in some places even with hiking boots on. The tricky part was following the trail without getting lost and just heading straight up the mountain forever. The trail is only defined with some pink ribbon and several parts of the trail crossed an unmarked path across the river… We spent a lot of time here enjoying the shallow pool and the falls, and drank some beers before heading back down to get into wedding clothes!

Another LNT advice for swimming in the ocean and waterfalls is to always wear reef safe sunscreen in the ocean and in the waterfalls… Also be so soooo careful when walking on rocks on the beach and taking pictures because the waves are HUGE and unpredictable at times. You don’t want to get knocked off a rock because you are taking a photo! I prefer the cliff views of the ocean and to stand behind the barriers and stay on the trails safely!” [Amy, the photographer]

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Embrace the Island’s Laid Back Culture

Amy tells us her top tip when eloping in Hawaii is to not plan to do too many things in one day.

“After hiking and swimming in a refreshing waterfall, we got back to the jeeps at the trailhead and they changed in the jeeps into their wedding day clothes. Not many brides would towel off after swimming in a waterfall and get changed in a Jeep, but Brynn did it and loved it! Brynn’s dress was GORGEOUS and Travis’s laid back Hawaii look was spot on! Brynn brought some details with them to put on like the cute matching vans and lace socks, gorgeous earrings, and their rings. There was a cute little rooster who wanted to join every single first look photo!” [Amy, the photographer]

Details From This Elopement

“I loved that Brynn had a special white wedding scrunci for her hair and that Travis wore his favorite hat on the beach! We had a local juice called “POG” mimosas on the beach in the morning and it was so delicious!” [Amy, the photographer]

Memorable Moments During This Elopement

From the photographer:

“Hawaii Mountain and Ocean Cliff Views that we stopped along the drive to enjoy and I loved watching the couple walk around the beach together exploring. Travis loves surfing and admired the waves and talked about his surfing adventures. This is what eloping in Hawaii is all about! Oahu is famous for it’s ocean cliff views with blue water and lush mountain views, and we got to see it all! I also really loved going to the beer garden and pizza food truck at the end of the night. The owner of the beer garden let us into the Keg room for a ‘cool’ photo, and it was honestly the cleanest and nicest keg cooler I’ve ever seen!”

From the couple:

“We had a noon appointment with city hall where (we thought) we would say our ‘I dos’ and then be married. That wasn’t the case, we needed an officiant, and city hall wasn’t that…So between our appointment with city hall and with our officiant, we stopped at a brewery in the city. The place was so cool, they had over 20 beers on tap which were all self serve. We grabbed some burgers and beers…and even with the small mixup, the day went by smoothly and was everything I had hoped for.”

Cost Breakdown From This Elopement

Cut flowers picked out from a local florist:  $60

One piece of vanilla cake and a pack of white and pearl sprinkles: $7

Photographer: $3200

Flights to Hawaii: $603 round trip per person from Hopper

Airbnb: $1200 for a week
Total: $5,000


Are You Thinking About Planning an Elopement?

“I think any couples that elope like this are pretty badass! It takes a lot of courage to not have the garden wedding with all your aunties and cousins, and to book exotic trips like this that you’ve always dreamed about together!” [Amy, the photographer]

“The decision to elope was one of the best I’ve ever made because it was a day I can say was truly only about me and my new husband. We didn’t have to worry about making other people happy, we made each other happy and that’s all that really matters on your wedding day. We may have hurt a few feelings by our decision but it’s one we do not regret.” [Brynn]

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