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I’m a 22 year old, January baby, born in Ohio and raised in Urbana, Illinois. I’ve been photographing seriously for about 4 years and started pursuing my dream of being a full time wedding and portrait photographer in 2016. I am a social worker at heart so when I’m not photographing weddings I’m working as a foster care caseworker or photographing women who survived sexual assault, helping them reclaim their bodies through art and imagery. I absolutely love hiking through the mountains, drinking chocolatey stouts and strong whiskeys, and eating/ drinking literally anything mint flavored. I’m a big Wes Anderson fan, Broad City binge watcher, and Game of Thrones fanatic. I love taking photos of people, and having the opportunity to create lasting memories and imagery that evoke emotion, convey feelings and most importantly are accurate representations of who you are, how you love, and how you live. With that being said my style of photography is pretty laid back and easy going. I’ll give you simple directions and the rest is up to you! This gives me the opportunity to really capture you in a unique and genuine way, and create images that you can look back on and recognize yourself and your rad and extraordinary love.
If you’re interested in creating something together, if you have questions about pricing or sessions, if you have recommendations on good hikes, whiskeys or stouts, or even if you just want to chat send me a message, I’d love to hear from you!



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