Joshua Tree Super Moon Elopement Adventure, CA

Joshua Tree Super Moon Elopement Adventure, CA

Brooke and William eloped because they wanted their wedding day to reflect their love for adventure and travel. They decided to plan a Joshua Tree elopement because the super moon was visible in the area. Get all the details you should know when planning your elopement at this unique park and how to get the best starry night portraits.

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About This Super Moon Elopement

Photography by Adventure & Vow

Brook and William wanted every detail about their wedding day to be intentional and just as unique as the elopement destination they picked. They found the cutest Airbnb that was complete with a hot tub to enjoy the epic views of the super moon and starry night sky.

The couple’s day was light-hearted, happy, and playful. They explored Arch Rock, Skull Rock, and finally had their ceremony at Cap Rock.

If you’re planning a Joshua Tree Elopement, note that you must pull a permit with the park to get married here, or anywhere within the park boundaries. Check out our elopement guide to help you plan your wedding day here.

Including Your Family During Your Elopement Ceremony

We love this elopement day because they made sure to include their loved ones, even if they couldn’t be there with them. Traci tells us couples who are looking for ideas to include their family during their elopement can include little tokens they’ve gotten from travels together as Brooke and William did. Other ideas include including jewelry passed down in your family, or including gifts given to you by friends and family.

“We met up with Brooke’s sister and her fiancé to head out to a natural arch created by the Joshua trees facing the direction the moon would rise later for their ceremony. I loved how personal their ceremony was. It started out with a toast and pouring out of Champagne to those that are dear to them who had previously passed, watching this ceremony from up above. Their ceremony was filled with so many beautiful words from poems, prayers, and of course those emotional handwritten vows.” [Traci, the photographer]

As they were leaving the park the beautiful moon rose, and its stunning slightly pink face shined over the mountain range. They stopped for a few more photos with its beauty in excitement. Then they went back to their Airbnb, cut their cake, signed their marriage license, and Brook’s sister presented the two of them with video clips of the couple’s family and their friends and kids filled with congrats, good lucks, and remembering stories of meeting each other.

Panning a Super Moon Elopement or Starry Night Portraits

Brooke and William wanted to explore Joshua Tree not only because they had never been there, but because there was going to be an epic pink super moon that day! Traci, the photographer from Adventure & Vow, tells us night shots are their jam, especially at Joshua Tree.

“If you want star photos for sure consider somewhere that has a good dark sky and know that you may need to stay up late! This couple centered their day around the moon. We made sure they booked a place to stay somewhat far from the city lights. Depending on what time the stars or moon will be visible we recommend taking a dinner break and going back out. When doing night shots some key points include being patient and having some warm layers to keep you comfortable in between shots.” [Traci, the photographer]

Reason Why This Couple Decided to Elope

We are seeing more and more couples elope, and their reasons always center around a more intimate day with each other. For Brooke and William, they wanted their wedding day to be a day about them, for them, versus a day they had to entertain their guests.

“We also wanted our venue to be unique and representative of us as a couple. We are both extroverted introverts who enjoy being outside, in nature. Both of us have had adventures in many parts of the world and we don’t want to stop…so, we thought, why not make our wedding an adventure as well?” [Brooke, the bride]

Brooke tells us they planned their elopement around the super pink full moon because it’s emblematic of the four daughters they have between the two of them as well as desiring a life full of contentment, love, and opportunity.

“The Joshua Tree is one of the most prolific and mysterious plants, which grow very slowly and endure some of the most desolate environments. Our love is similar to the Joshua Tree in that we set our intentions to represent a love that would endure and carry on, despite adversities like hardship, drought, or lack of resources. We both consider ourselves to be late bloomers in life and have had to overcome much adversity. We also desired a place that was both wild and untamed, yet peaceful in nature.” [Brooke, the bride]

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Memorable Moments During This Super Moon Elopement at Joshua Tree

This super moon elopement was filled with excitement and love. Traci tells us she loved the quiet moments leading up to the day, including when the couple was writing their vows before their first look to them holding hands in the car as they drove around Joshua Tree.

“Sometimes it’s the little things in life ya know?! We loved their ceremony, it was so heartfelt and personal. It was as if time stood still, that’s part of the beauty in elopements there is no rush or audience for your vows, just you two in your own little bubble to share all of your love with each other. They choose to honor some of the folks in their life that couldn’t be with them in person anymore during their ceremony as well, and I thought that was a very sweet touch. Overall, the entire day was just fun! We got to explore so much of the park and embraced the crazy winds Joshua Tree gave us that day.” [Traci, the photographer]

Groom’s Favorite Moment:

“Our entire wedding adventure was like a honeymoon from the time we stepped off the plane in LA until the time we returned home. Oddly enough, I didn’t think the experience would be like this, but I was more at peace than I had ever been before a major life event. Traditional weddings seem to force the bride and groom into this sort of rat race from the few days leading up to the wedding though the reception. All of the bride and groom’s time is spent meeting deadlines and pleasing guests, rather than themselves, on their big day. In contrast, our wedding, and the days leading up to it, were intimate and at our own pace. The only thing with a set time was the ceremony, which was determined by the park permit time we had chosen.”

Bride’s Favorite Moment:

“One of my favorite parts was the first look in front of the vintage school bus. I had kept my dress a secret and worked so very hard to surprise William and the expression on his face was priceless. I think Traci truly captured that moment of surprise and anticipation. The ceremony itself was a tear-jerker in that as we exchanged our handwritten vows, the happy tears were a-flowin’…it was such a surreal moment for us and we will forever share and treasure the moment we became husband and wife, for the rest of our lives.

I like to think Mother Nature was our witness and the Joshua Trees married us that day. After, Traci surprised us with a bottle of champagne and told William to go to town and as he popped the cork, he began spraying champagne in front of the Rover, laughing manically…it made me fall in love with him all over again.”

Advice When Planning Your Elopement at Joshua Tree

Aside from obtaining your permits for your wedding day, Traci also tells us to make sure your pack has plenty of water and snacks for your elopement. You’ll also want to pick up yourself during your adventure and be sure to have a full tank of gas before entering the park.

“My advice to any couple eloping is to book the full day! It was so much fun to get to know William and Brooke throughout the day and see more of their inner love language which shows me how to photograph them in a way that is more true to their relationship. It is also so great to be able to tell the whole story from start to end with getting ready, getting into the park, the adventures, ceremony, celebration and ending of the day as a married couple! Do not be afraid to be in front of the camera for the day, it’s not about that, its about telling a story and celebrating your marriage.” [Traci, the photographer]

Photography | Adventure & Vow

Dress | LoveShackFancy 
Flowers | Walden Florals
Ear rings – Wolf and Badger
Nails – @catladyclaws
Pizza: Pie for the People
Airbnb – @staycocoon
Bakery – Porto’s Bakery

Hair/Make-up – @beautyby_lidia

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