Mixing an Adventure Elopement With Traditional Wedding Attire in Jemez Springs

Mixing an Adventure Elopement With Traditional Wedding Attire in Jemez Springs

Cris and Nick were planning a cross-country road trip and decided wanted to elope during their trip! They came from the east coast and chose to plan their elopement ceremony at Jemez Spring in New Mexico wearing the most gorgeous, traditional wedding attire. This elopement shows other couples how you can 100% incorporate traditions that are important to you while eloping just the two of you!

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About This Elopement in Jemez Springs That Mixed Traditional Wedding Attire With Adventure

Photography by Crystal Cousin Photo

“We chose a spot in Jemez Springs to get some unique scenery that is different from what they are use to back home. I am ordained, so I ended up marrying them too. They stopped in TX to get a marriage license since you can get married in any state with one, and you don’t need witnesses. On the way back home, they planned to stop back in TX to get their marriage license stamped and make it official.” [Crystal, the photographer]

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Eloping in Jemez Springs in New Mexico

“There is no permit required for this location, but practicing LNT is important in Jemez Springs. Where the couple had their ceremony was very close to one of the big forest fires that New Mexico had in 2022, luckily this beautiful spot was spared. This location is also small and often has climbers climbing on the rocks, so I never suggest a spot like this when a couple has a lot of guests. It is perfect for an elopement of 5 people or less.

You cannot reserve the space so just be prepared for people to be around or walk by. There are never many, but a weekend would have more of course. Cris and Nick eloped on a Tuesday and we only saw a handful of people the whole time.” [Crystal, the photographer]

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Details From This Elopement

“Their outfits and accessories. Cris had sent me a few ideas for outfits that she already had and they were all so beautiful. She ended up ordering a new Bridal saree and it just looked stunning on her. She incorporated a little shamrock pin at the top with her jewelry to represent her Irish background.” [Crystal, the photographer]

Memorable Moments From This Elopement

From the photographer:

“At the very end when we were walking to the cars, Nick screams ‘watch out!’. I think Cris and I must have both just been looking up at the red rocks and didn’t notice the tarantula that Cris ran over! Don’t worry, it wasn’t harmed at all. Cris lifted up her skirt and there he was, completely fine but just really scared and raising its front legs at us. Luckily nobody stepped on him, and after being defensive for a few seconds he walked away. I’ve lived in New Mexico for 4.5 years and have never seen a tarantula in the wild before!”

Photo + Officiant | Crystal Cousin Photo
HMUA | Genica Lee HMUA

Photos From This Elopement

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