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The Elopement of MeiLi and Stephen

The Wedding of Hailey and Christian

The Wedding of Amanda and Rolly

The Wedding of Sara and Tony


We are Jay and Mack, a husband and wife team whose passion is capturing stories of the adventurous and wildly in love. Whether it’s hiking up the mountains, wandering through the forest, or running along some sea cliffs, we love any and every adventure! Before we ventured into filming weddings, we started out by making adventure videos of our travels. We’ve always been a sucker for love stories… so naturally, we were drawn into wild and adventurous elopements and weddings.

We’ve been next door neighbors for over twenty years and finally tied the knot this year! Going through the whole journey of planning and having a wedding has given us a fresh perspective on how special of a day it really is.

Our style can be described as moody and intimate, edgy yet timeless, but most of all, adventurous and story-driven. We strive to capture those little moments that make every wedding and elopement so unique.

Based in Southern California

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Jay & Mack Films have given us a wedding film that we could have never even imagined! As I am sure most couples experience, the wedding day flew by. Thankfully we have been able to relive every moment of our special day thanks to the amazing videography they did for us! With their talent they were able to capture the energy, the emotions, and every perfect moment that took place on our wedding day – my husband and I are able to relive the day as if it was happening all over again which is so special for us! We have watched our video every single day since our wedding and it is something we are going to cherish forever! I would absolutely recommend their services to every single couple who wants to have an incredibly beautiful wedding video that makes them smile, laugh, cry, and experience the entire day in full effect! Jay & Mack are an excellent team and such a sweet couple, and not only that they were very kind, patient, and guided us the whole way through the filming process. You know that while working with them that they are doing all they can to make sure they are able to create the perfect video for their couple, and you really cannot ask for anything better than that! HIRE THEM!!

Amanda Meza

Girls start dreaming of their wedding day at a very young age. When that special day comes, they actually get to live out their dream. Once it’s all over, they find themselves trying to reflect on every single detail of their big day. Let’s be real though. Weddings go by so fast and often times, couples cannot take the time to enjoy every single detail of their wedding they had spent months planning for. That is why I highly recommend having a videographer! But not just any videographer…. Jay and Mack films! Hands down the most professional camera duo! They had a way of making my husband and I feel completely comfortable so that we never felt like we were being filmed (that’s what I was most nervous about). Another huge thing was that this duo worked so well with my photographer! Instead of being in competition for shots, they too worked as a team to accomplish capturing special moments for us, all while respecting each other. Now… for the actual video. PRICELESS! The quality of the shots and editing are incomparable to any wedding video I have ever seen! Their creativity from the special moments/details that they filmed to the actual bringing to life of the footage is mind blowing! To say the least, I am one happy bride!

Aileen Parel

As soon as I saw Jay + Mack’s very first wedding film, I knew I had to hire them for my own wedding. As you can imagine, being a wedding coordinator myself, I have seen quite a few wedding videos. However, none of them have given me the emotional response like the videos from J + M. On the wedding day, we gave them full creative control, and we are so happy that we did. When we received our video back, quite quickly I might add, I was speechless. I cried, I laughed, and I cried again. I know I am a bit biased, but it is by far the best wedding video I have ever seen. The music, the editing, all of it just perfectly expresses our wedding day. The creativity that J + M provide is honestly just bad ass. If you were to ask us if we would want a clip of the best man smoking in our wedding video, we would have said you were crazy. But it turned out to be one of our favorite clips! They captured everything, were never in the way, and worked great with our other vendors. They say the day goes by in a flash, and it couldn’t be truer. I am so thankful for our video, as it captures so many things that we missed. We show anyone and everyone our wedding video and have watched it too many times to count. Jay + Mack Films will continue to be the videographers that I recommend to all of my clients. J + M, we cannot thank you enough!

Sara Carter