Accent Events

I am prone to wanderlust and I am a plannerholic, I was ruined of any chance of a normal life after I had worked as an adventure tour leader. I met my Aussie husband (he was on one of my tours) doing what was the best job I have ever experienced until I set up Accent Events to help intrepid and likeminded couples realise their dreams for their own weddings in Italy. I love organizing and the details. The best thing about my job is the vision couples have for their wedding. All the different ways of celebrating commitment it is fantastic. I am a huge fan of symbolic weddings as there are not restrictions, the sky is the limit on when, where and how you wish to say I do, or I commit to you.

Accent Events is UK based Italy Wedding agency. During the months of May to end of September I travel throughout Italy helping couples realise their dreams. I knew when I started the company I needed to move around and not focus on one location, this is where the wanderlust comes in! Whenever a new couple mentions a new location my interest is fired up and I get ready to do the fact finding and research to make up whatever their hearts desire.

Having a connection with couples who are seeking a different style of wedding is so important, understanding what is important to them means that every suggestion or recommendation is done with them in mind. I am a practical person, my approach to focus on securing the right place, date and time once those are secure then we move into design, bringing together all the elements that hold significance for the couple. I see myself as a wedding alchemist, perfect conditions and ideas for an unforgettable event. Underlying all of this is the passion for Italy.