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Hi, I’m Diego.
I do not remember exactly when I took the first camera in my hand, but it’s as if I’ve always had it. Between one thing and another, I had time to graduate in Cinematography at the University of Bologna, and to make me a little bones at the Nyfa in Hollywood. Where I understood that this would be my life. Turning your passion into your work has been the easiest of choices.
I’m based near the Amalfi Coast, where I realize most of my wedding videos, in Ravello, Positano, Amalfi, Nerano e Praiano…. but I love to travel, explore and meet new people, with their own stories and emotions, which I hope to capture in the best way. It’s the thing I like most.
I Want be there with you. I cannot wait to hear from you and all about your story.
I’m Destination Wedding Videographer available in Italy and abroad.
I’m ready.


Hi, we are Alessandra and Simone, a couple of young videographers who lives in Italy.
Wave is a journey on the wave of emotions and passion that make two lovers’ hearts speak to each other. Like the sailor looks at the sea interpreting the waves and the rhythm of the tide, we love exploring the delicate, mysterious and powerful geography of feelings that characterizes every couple to capture its energy, vibrations and harmony.

We love film elopement, intimate and small weddings, couple session and intense love stories.
We work in Tuscany, Venice, all over Italy and all over the world: England, United States, Canada, Spain, Germany, France, Europe.

We tell authentic and original tales, stories that enhance the unique aspects of a couple and their affinity through spontaneous, intense and evocative narration.


Ciao! We are Luigia and Giuseppe, a married duo based in stunning Italy. We travel the world documenting the most intense love stories. We are gentle souls who love people, we are fascinated by their stories. Every story is unique and each of our videos reflects this distinctiveness. We love the imperfect and the ordinary, the beauty hidden neneath the surface. We strive to give back a realistic but at the same time dreamy film from a modern and artistic viewpoint. Our style is very laid back and authentic: best videos come from simply letting you be you. Our work has taken us to Paris, Normandy, UK, Switzerland, Greece, Santorini, Scotland, Iceland, Hong Kong, Barcelona, Tuscany, Amalfi Coast, Apulia, Sicily, Come Lake, Rome. We document intimate and authentic small weddings, elopements, couple sessions pre and post wedding, engagement. Each wedding is a discovery of a new way to celebrate love and we can’t wait to document yours!

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