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Is This The Year You Have an Elopement Wedding?

elopement wedding in the snow

Photo by Meltem Salb

Welcome to the New Year!

With a new year comes new goals and new wedding plans! If you got engaged this holiday season, then you are officially on the wedding planning train.

Although this journey may be stressful, we have created multiple elopement planning tools to help you actually enjoy planning your elopement.

In fact, elopements can be fun to plan, and it’s a wonderful alternative to a traditional wedding. To have an elopement weddings means that you have decided to do your own thing. But since this is your first time, maybe you don’t know how to elope?

Check out what these 5 photographers from some of our favorite 2019 elopement wedding blogs have to say about elopements.

Is this the year for you and your partner to elope?

elopement wedding with couples' dog.

1. Elopement Weddings Give You a Unique Experience

“Elopements are unique and different: Capture the things that make the couple and that moment unique. They’re dog, the place they’re at, close up details of fingers and hair, laughter and face lines, it’s these things that set an intimate session apart from a “traditional” wedding.” [Heather Woolery, The Photographer]

Check out this Simple Elopement on a Mountain Lookout in Idaho.

elopement wedding in mt rainier

Photo by Megan Montalvo

2. Elope and Focus on Each Other

“I believe elopements allow a couple to truly focus on what’s important to them. This gives me the space to document things more naturally and watch couples literally have the best day ever. There’s no right or wrong way to celebrate a marriage. However, I think getting lost in what’s considered societal norms, or not doing something one is passionate about can take away from the enjoyment and meaning of the day. Elopements are crafted [for] the couple… who wouldn’t enjoy documenting that?!” [Megan Montalvo, the photographer]

Check out this Intimate Wedding at Mount Rainier National Park.

Bride and groom pray during rocky mountain wedding.

Photo by Shelby Robinson

3. Have a Day that Represents You

“I think it was truly because of how much heart Sarah and Josiah put into their day. Every second was a reflection of who they are, and how that would all be joined together under the sun and rain. At one point, I was quietly sobbing behind my camera during the ceremony. The intentionality and authenticity were so evident, and my heart was so full.” [Shelby Robinson, The Photographer]

Check out this Rocky Mountain National Park Intimate Wedding.

elopement weddings in red rock sedona

4. Elopement Weddings are Romantic and Adventurous

“They’re simply beautiful. Sweet. Genuine. I’m a huge, huge hopeless romantic! I love, love. Everything about love just makes me so freaking happy. And with elopements, all those emotions and feels can be felt and showcased. At the end of the day, your forever and happily ever after is about you and your significant other. That’s exactly how your wedding day should be as well.” [Luna Marie Photography, The Photographer]

Check out this Emotional Sedona Red Rock Elopement.

Bride and groom share first look moment with dog.

5. Possibilities are Endless When Planning an Elopement

“I’m here to help make their unique vision come to life and to help them have the best day of their lives. There are so many things you can do on your elopement day, and all types of adventures you can have.” [Kathleen Elizabeth, The Photographer]

Check out this Mountain Wedding at Mount Baker Wilderness.

After reading what these photographers have to say, are you ready to elope this year?

If you are considering eloping, then you may want to read the 5 Signs You May Want to Elope.

We would also love to hear what questions or ideas you have for your special day. Leave us a comment below, or contact our team!

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