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Intimate, Joyful Elopement at Big Sur & Garrapata State Park, CA

This Garrapata State Park wedding day is perfect for couples who want to get away from it all and elope somewhere beautiful and intimate.

Photographer: Zoe Burchard Photography

Session: Elopement

Location: Big Sur & Garrapata State Park, California

From the Photographer:
“In the back of her mind Kathryn knew what kind of wedding she wanted but that wasn’t the wedding she was planning. She began her wedding planning journey by booking a dark brewery in a city located in Washington. This is when we first chatted. Shortly after we initially chatted via email she canceled all of that and started from scratch again.

Months later a local florist, Kelsey of Wandering Blooms, and I began offering fully planned, styled, and photographed elopement packages to brides and grooms who were over the planning process and just wanted to get married someplace gorgeous without all the fuss. This is when Kathryn realized what kind of wedding she wanted. A self-proclaimed control freak, she handed over the reins to Kelsey and I, trusting we would create an incredible experience for her and Bryan (who was overjoyed that Kathryn would no longer be stressing about their wedding).

These two gorgeous humans were so calm and relaxed when we met them at the cabin we had booked for them to take some pre-wedding photos. We truly went on an adventure together, driving up the coast, running through fields, climbing around on rocks. I had the distinct pleasure to witness how in love and joyful Kathryn and Bryan were all day long.

A very special moment for all three of us was at the top of the big hill in Garrapata State Park. We were all alone up there. Typically during elopements, there are no dances due to the wild nature of the event. I directed Kathryn and Bryan onto this platform where they had a panoramic view of the ocean, the mountains, and each other. Bryan put on their first dance song and while they danced we all cried. It was so intimate and magical- a moment none of us will ever forget. But then again, that was the whole day. Just an incredible experience where we took everything life threw at us and made it amazing all in the name of love!”