Intimate Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch Wedding

Intimate Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch Wedding

For a lot of couples, they find themselves indecisive when it comes to planning an adventurous, intimate wedding, or a big, traditional wedding. Who said you can’t have both? Matt and Chloe planned their small wedding at Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch near the Sawtooth Mountains. This Idaho wedding venue is perfect for couples who are looking for a remote wedding experience.

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How to Plan Your Wedding at Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch

Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch Wedding ceremony

Photography by The Tinsley Co.

Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch can accommodate up to 50 guests, which is perfect for small weddings. This venue is pretty amazing because you get a mountain backdrop of the Sawtooth and White Cloud Mountains, and everything is planned for you in their wedding packages.

The couple tells us, they fell in love with the beauty and solitude of Stanley, ID, and the Sawtooth Mountains during a few visits to the area. “It’s a place that just feels like “home” – it’s stunning, remote, a place of adventure and reflection.” Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch was the perfect wedding venue for them. It allowed them a place to bring their family together and share multiple days of quality time together.

“Providing onsite lodging and catering, this venue took a lot of the guesswork out of a remote location. The couple had such a unique and intentional flow to their day including a first look, exploring the Sawtooths for portraits, a lawn ceremony with a million-dollar view, and an evening filled with an intimate dinner, dancing, and a late-night party in the pool house!” [Chaise, the photographer]

Why a Micro Wedding Instead of a Traditional One?

Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch Wedding

By deciding on a Micro wedding, Chloe and Matt were able to treat their day like an elopement but still incorporate their family. The couple had been doing a road trip in search of where they would end up as husband and wife, and they finally ended their trip at this venue in Idaho.

“We’ve always prioritized adventure and spontaneity as a couple, so when we started planning our wedding, we were intrigued by the idea of something less traditional though uniquely personal.

My brother had chosen an intimate wedding experience the year prior and we loved the feeling of the day: personal, special, not rushed, not formal, just exactly the things that mattered to the couple. I think we also relished the idea of not being the center of attention, just focusing on what that day should mean to us as a couple entering the next most important chapter of our lives.” [The couple]

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Photographer’s Advice Planning a Wedding in Idaho

sawtooth mountain views during wedding in ID

Thinking about eloping in Idaho? Here are some things you should consider during your planning:

  • Weather – Idaho has warm, beautiful, sun-drenched summers and snow-covered winters.
  • Remote – Much of Idaho is very remote! Couples should be prepared to invest in vendors that specialize in destination work or serve larger cities nearby and can drive-in. Boise is a great option for vendors for this location. It’s also the easiest and most affordable airport to use. This location is for a couple looking for a quiet, remote destination that showcases incredible views and the big sky of the west. Hiking, fishing, horseback riding, and lounging in a hot spring are common activities here.
  • Hikes – Most of the hikes in this area are multi-hour hikes. There are lower elevation lake options, but couples should be willing to hike 10+ miles for the alpine lakes!

“Speaking of high elevation, this elopement sat at 6,253 feet! Couples should give themselves at least one acclimation day if they aren’t used to high elevation.”

Memorable Moments From This Small Idaho Wedding

including your family during small wedding ceremony

From the couple:

“Matt and I woke up really early the day of the wedding and took a short hike near IRMR (the venue) to watch the sunrise over the Sawtooth Mountains together. We exchanged a few gifts up here and set our intentions for the day. We then took a yoga class with our brothers and sisters-in-law followed by breakfast with the whole family.

Because we had an intimate ceremony, we personalized the program with the help of our officiant (Matt’s brother, Nick). We wrote our own vows and incorporated readings from a few of our family members, including reflections and well wishes from our 6-year-old niece.

We wanted to ensure the day had good energy/fun, despite being a smaller group, so our families coordinated an “after-party” (post-dinner) complete with surprise video messages from our friends and family back home plus disco lights and dancing in a nearby game room. After dark, we saw shooting stars, took a dip in the hot springs, and then enjoyed the fireplaces in our individual cabins.”

From the Photographer:

“The idea that this was the end of a significant adventure for the two of them was really special. It brought everyone together to celebrate them and that adventure, but it also kicked off a whole new one for them as husband and wife.

The goodie bag filled with things from their road trip was a really thoughtful way to bring their favorite people along for the journey.

I also love that they didn’t try to fill the day with anything crazy. No wild ceremony site setup, no excessive florals or wedding party. They simply created a relaxed day with the people they loved most in one of the most naturally beautiful places in the country.”

Should You Get Married in a “Venue”

post elopement party at ID venue

“With the right choice in venue, you can get a lot out of a little. Choosing a venue that gives you access to incredible views allows you to not focus so much on decor and let nature do the work. You can also have an adventure elopement without hiking a million miles alone. Your family can join. You can hang out together all day. You don’t have to take a ton of forced photos!

For couples that want less decisions, having an actual venue for their adventure elopement doesn’t take away the adventure. It takes away a lot of decisions they have to make and instead lets them focus on what’s important!” [Chaise, the photographer]


Photography | The Tinsley Co.

Venue | Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch

Florals | Dream Farm Flowers

HMUA | Shawna Hines

Dress | Willowby Waters

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