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Intimate Forest Wedding in Vancouver Island

Imagine being surrounded by nature as you say “I do” to the love of your life. That is exactly what this couple did during this intimate forest wedding in Vancouver Island. Rae and Kris, the couple, met while doing wildlife conservation work in Zimbabwe. Thus, it was fitting for them to say their vows within the treetop canopies in Vancouver Island.

According to Taryn Pickard, the photographer, the couple wanted to make sure they included their closest family and friends for the ceremony and DIY reception. People flew in from three different continents and six different countries to see these two tie the knot!

“Everything about the day was perfect, from the weather to the small DIY reception. This is the kind of wedding that I dream about photographing.” [Taryn]

Photography by Taryn Pickard

Capturing Moments Among the Trees

The beauty of this intimate wedding can easily be seen through the love Taryn captured between these two. Taryn tells us she met the couple through a friend who knew the couple wanted to get married in the forest. She told them Taryn was an expert when it came to forest weddings.

We appreciate the little things in these portraits such as the lighting from the sun escaping through the trees, the detailed close-ups, and the emotions captured from the day. This old-growth grove is breathtaking, and Taryn mentioned how much time the couple took to truly appreciate and admire this incredible place.

“Their wedding day was much the same. Everyone gathered in the forest to celebrate their love, and then the couple, videographer and I wandered through the forest to capture them among the trees.” [Taryn]

Intimate Forest Wedding Feelings

When photographers capture intimate moments such as this forest wedding, we can see how easy it is to get lost in the moment. Taryn says that sessions like these are what she lives for.

“There is something about having a couple in nature, especially a forest, that makes me feel like they are being blessed by mother earth herself. I love to create images that show them as part of the environment while still capturing their love authentically.” [Taryn]

Taryn suggests that other photographers who are trying to improve their photography should allow themselves to get caught in the energy of the location and people they are with when shooting an intimate session. “You are there to tell an honest story of what their love means, and that is the most important part of your job.”

Two Souls Joined Together Sharing a Love for Wildlife

It’s not every day a couple gets married who share the same passion. Kris and Rae are from opposite ends of the globe Taryn tells us, and they are both wildlife conservationists. Kris is from Northwest Canada, and Rae is from England. They both decided to meet at Vancouver Island to exchange their vows within nature.

“They both share such a passion for nature that their connection with the sacred place we were in was undeniable. And on top of that, their wedding day was styled so beautifully that it was a dream to photograph. That can be rare with smaller weddings in the forest.” [Taryn]

Memorable Moments Within the Forest

This intimate forest wedding in Vancouver Island is so poetic to us that we had to ask Taryn to tell us her favorite moments. She tells us that seeing the look in Kris’ face when he saw Rae for the first time and the couple’s first dance was the most memorable and beautiful moments she photographed.

“There is so much deep emotion and love between these two, and it radiated through them. It made my job easier, and it was such a beautiful thing to witness.” [Taryn]

She also loved how the wedding was completely DIY. Even the décor was purchased second hand. We can easily see the love and care that went into the wedding through Taryn’s images.

Getting Lost in Nature

We asked Taryn if there was anything else she wanted to share, and she expressed how important it is for people, couples and photographers, to get out and see nature. Our team can’t agree more.

“I think it is always a great idea to get out into nature for a photo session and to add a little bit of a hike into it, especially if you are nervous in front of the camera. Being in nature, especially a forest calms the nervous system and relaxes you, which naturally shows in the images captured. Get closer to mother nature. She has your back!” [Taryn]


Catering| Food For Thought Victoria

Dress| Soon Bride  via Aisle of Brides 

Florals| Kenmar Flower Farm

Thank you to Taryn Pickard for sharing this session, and congratulations to Rae and Kris!

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