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Incredible Waterfall Wedding in Toccoa, GA | Savannah & Ian

Incredible Waterfall Wedding in Toccoa, GA | Savannah & Ian

toccoa falls waterfall wedding
Photographer: Lunalee Photography

Session: Wedding

Location: Toccoa Falls in Toccoa, Georgia

From the Photographer:

When it comes to having your wedding at a beautiful location like this, it’s all about adding the human element. A picture of the falls is awe-inspiring for sure, but adding in two human beings to that location is just another level of beauty. Two human beings who have waited for so long for this day to finally come, sacrificed and been through so much together, and ended up in this place on this day to vow to be together forever – it’s beyond words.”

“The absolute best part of this day was when Ian and Savannah saw each other for the first time during the ceremony. There was so much emotion, especially for Ian who couldn’t hold back tears… It’s one of those things where you feel like you are sharing in the couple’s emotions even just a tiny lit bit on their wedding day because you’ve gotten to know them for the past several months. It’s a great feeling.

[Christlyn Lee, Photographer]

“When we first met Savannah and Ian, they stated quite passionately how eager they [were] to get married and how every month they [had] to wait [felt] like an eternity. There was a connection they shared that was so genuine and so real… that excitement really resonated with me…”

[Christlyn Lee]

“The funniest part of the day was an in-between moment during the portraits. Savannah and Ian [kissed] as she dramatically [threw] her dress into the air with the epic waterfall backdrop. It makes for a great picture! The process for getting those shots can be straight up funny though! Sometimes it works beautifully while at other times, not so much. After a few failed attempts, Savannah literally [fell] over into Ian’s arms laughing at the hilarity of it all.” 

[Christlyn Lee]

“The goal is to capture our couple in the most authentic way possible and how they react to each other. Getting those genuine laughs and smiles is always more important than those dramatic waterfall shots that will light up Instagram.”

[Christlyn Lee]


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Thank you to Lunalee Photography for sharing this Toccoa Falls Waterfall Wedding session, and congratulations to Savannah and Ian!

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