Hot Air Balloon Elopement & Jeep Adventure in Sedona, AZ

Hot Air Balloon Elopement & Jeep Adventure in Sedona, AZ

Carlos and Grace traveled from the East Coast to Sedona, AZ for the first time to celebrate their marriage, just them two. Instead of a traditional wedding, these two planned an epic hot air balloon elopement in Sedona and a jeep adventure!

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Details From This Hot Air Baloon Elopement

Photography by Adventure and Vow

“Their day started out at sunrise on a hot air balloon ride over looking all of the red rocks as the sun came up. They shared a first look before hopping into the basket and floating around. It was so much fun and a great way to see Sedona. After the ride, the hot air balloon company set up mimosas for us to enjoy on the nice cool morning. Following the hot air balloon ride, we took a break for them to check out of the tiny cabin they were staying in, grab lunch and pick up the jeep rental they would need for the next adventure on their day.

We re-grathered and started our off road venture up the mountain. We arrived at a stunning overlook vista where Carlos set up their unity cocktail, in true Arizona fashion it would be a margarita to start off their ceremony. The ceremony was beautiful as they shared their private vows together in complete privacy in such an unreal place.

Once the ceremony was complete, we ventured around the red rocks exploring and taking in the views. They ended their elopement day sitting together sipping champagne and reminiscing on the day that Grace stated was simply a fairy tale.” [Traci, the photographer]

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Deciding on a Hot Air Baloon Elopement in Sedona

The couple met aboard while in the army together and since coming back to the US they have done many road trips together. From the start, they knew they wanted to do a hot air balloon ride.

“The hot air balloon was definitely a highlight of the elopement, a new experience for them and me. It was so cool to see Sedona as we floated in the sky and watching them take it all in, peaceful and lovely as the sun rose over the red rock cliffs. Another highlight was the cotton candy pink sky we got at sunset watching them hold each other and just take in the last moments of this big day together, just them and all of Sedona. I love the quiet moments couples get to share and just be present together.

They shared their first look on the side of the hot airballon as it got blown up, which I thought was unique. At the start of their ceremony they made a unity cocktail together which was super fun.” [Traci, the photographer]

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Eloping in Sedona, Arizona

“No permit needed. Sedona has rules about where you can elope and what you can do at your elopement location, but no permit for this specific elopement. In Sedona it is important to not stand on any crypto, so stay on trail! I also recommend not geo-tagging specific locations in Sedona as we have seen major congestion issues on specific trails in Sedona as it has grown in popularity as a hiking, biking and elopement location in the last several years!” [Traci, the photographer]

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Advice From The Photographer

“This elopement was in Sedona. Which is a super popular place for hiking, tourism and eloping! My advice is to do a sunrise on a weekday at a location that isnt super popular, I promise it is worth it because all of Sedona is amazing!!! Doing something like this is so awesome because you get to experience Sedona not just from foot, but by air and off roading. My advice if you are booking a hot air balloon specifically would be to be aware that they can only fly if the wind is just right and to have a back up plan in place you are equally stoked on weather that be a hike, spa day, yoga retreat or small plane ride.” [Traci, the photographer]


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Photos From This Elopement in Sedona

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