Intimate Dinner and Sunset Elopement at Headlands Beach State Park, OH

Intimate Dinner and Sunset Elopement at Headlands Beach State Park, OH

When couples decide to elope, they are usually opting for a more intimate and unique wedding day experience. This Headlands Beach elopement along Lake Erie in Ohio is the perfect inspiration for couples who are looking for a more easy-going elopement experience. You don’t need to hike over 5 miles to have an epic elopement. Check out this styled elopement, where Shanmari, the photographer, gives us all the tips and tricks to make the most of your special day in Ohio.

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How to Elope at Headlands Beach State Park in Ohio

how to elope at headlands beach park in ohio

Photography by Avonture Elopements

Headlands Beach is the longest natural beach in Ohio, and it’s a pretty amazing spot to plan your elopement together. Shanmari tells us any time of the year is amazing to elope here.

“During winter the lake freezes over, which makes for some incredible white scenery. In fall, the wind is blowing, and the trees alongside the beach are bursting in colors. In spring, when things warm up, the water is at its bluest; and summer brings the most beautiful sunsets. Eloping here at sunset is highly recommended, but keep in mind that this spot does get popular, so choosing a weekday (far from a holiday) is best.” [Shanmari, the photographer]

Shanmari also suggests parking the furthest to the right of the parking lot and entering through the visible trails towards the beach if you want to get to the lighthouse. Lastly, please follow leave no trace (LNT) principles during your Headlands Beach elopement adventure.

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Details About This Styled Elopement

getting ready for elopement

This styled elopement near Headlands beach is such a unique take on spending your wedding day together. Garrett and Michael, the couple, started the day at the camper van, an Airbnb, hanging in a hammock and getting ready. They then wrote personal letters to one another as their private chef cooked their surprise meal in the back.

“After their intimate meal together, they headed to the beach, read their letters, and enjoyed the gorgeous sunset as they danced to the sound of live bagpipes. We ended the day around a campfire with some more wine and some delicious locally baked donuts. It was really great and an incredible view into how amazing an Ohio elopement can be.” [Shanmarie, the photographer]

Private Dinner: A Unique Way to Celebrate Your Elopement

private dinner during elopement

Having a private meal together is a great way to really enjoy the moment together. Unlike traditional weddings, where couples barely have time to eat, your elopement photographer can capture the little moments during your meal together as you both reminisce about your relationship and future together.

“I absolutely love the details and intention that went into the couple’s meal. Their private chef surprised them with locally sourced food the morning of. She also cooked the meals right there in the forest with them present. It was a truly romantic experience! The couple couldn’t stop talking about the amazing meal they had with beautiful oven-burned ceramics from a local artist.” [Shanmarie, the photographer]

Eloping in Ohio

There are so many amazing places to elope. Deciding where to elope is probably the most complicated step when it comes to planning. Ohio, however, is a great state to consider since it’s not the top spot elopers think of, which can be a good thing!

“Ohio has so many hidden gems. I love to say that, in Ohio, you have to search for beauty as the beauty is not ‘spoon-fed’ like in most of the west side of the US. And once you discover these beautiful places, you’ll truly appreciate what Ohio has to offer; and to be honest, it has a lot to offer – from fairytale forests, moss covered ledges, and awesome beaches with lighthouses – there’s truly so much hidden beauty waiting to be admired.” [Shanmari, the photographer]

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Planned & Photographed |Avonture Elopements

Locally Sourced Catering by | Maggie & Kelli at Cleveland Field Kitchen

Flowers | Fresh Flowers by Jen

Handmade Ceramic Wares | Billy at Billy Ritter 77

Cake | Ange at Little Wolff Bakes
Bag Pipes | Scott at Scott_MacLeod_Piping
Donuts | Big Mouth Donut in Rocky River Ohio

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