Fun Pineapple Themed Engagement At Half Moon Bay, CA

Fun Pineapple Themed Engagement At Half Moon Bay, CA

Pacifica, CA is sometimes overlooked, but it’s a gorgeous location for your engagement session. Sean and Diana were not afraid to be completely themselves during their session together and we love it! This pineapple-themed engagement session at Half Moon Bay is perfect to add to your “engagement photos” inspiration.

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Photography by Love and Latitudes

Details From This Half Moon Bay Engagement

Why we love this engagement session so much? This couple is so silly and so unapologetically them, that we can’t help but fall in love with them looking at these photos. Diana actually broke tradition completely by proposing to Sean earlier in the year (how awesome is that?!).

“Creative, silly, and energetic, this couple designed their own outfits for the shoot based on a shared love of pineapples. How cute is that? Diana wore a jean jacket with a pineapple design she painted herself. Sean donned a tropical button-up and accessorized it with an opalescent pineapple engagement ring.” [Diana, the photographer]

Top Tips For Couples Planning Their Engagement Photos in Northern California

We mentioned this before but Pacifica, CA is often overlooked, but this area is known for its dramatic cliffs and amazing beaches. There are a ton of places to explore here during your adventure, but keep in mind that it can get chilly and foggy here.

Diana, the photographer from Love and Latitudes, suggests bringing layers to keep warm and to expect “gloomy” weather. If you’re a couple who loves “moody” elopement photos, then this area is perfect for you.

“Stick to early morning or evening photoshoots. You can avoid crowds this way, but that’s only part of the reason. When the sun is low, you can capture the light peeking under the cloud cover for a glorious depth of field. There’s just nothing like it.” [Diana, the photographer]

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Fun Ways to Personalize Your Engagement Photos

These Half Moon Bay engagement photos are super unique. The couple played on their love for pineapples, and even ended their session with two gigantic pineapple floaties! We asked the photographer for some more fun ways couples can personalize their engagement session, and she says to embrace your silly side.

“Every couple has a silly side. Some couples are silly all the time, while others are more reserved. But even those introverted couples have inside jokes, silly gestures, and things that are completely their own. Feel free to let your freak flag fly! The sillier you and your partner are willing to be, the more fun you’ll have and the more natural your smiles and body language will be.” [Diana, the photographer]

State flags, pride flags, cute signs, and picnics can also be a great way to make for the perfect engagement session!

Memorable Moments During This Half Bay Moon Engagement

Sean and Diana, the couple, surprised their photographer when they brought two pineapple floaties to the beach.

“I knew that the plan was to snap some photos on the cliff edge and then head to the beach to hop into the water. But I didn’t know about the intertubes until they appeared! Then, just as the sun was setting, our couple ran into the waves with wild abandon. I couldn’t ask for a more perfect opportunity.” [Diana, the photographer]

Diana, the photographer, tells us how she loves watching her couples get lost in the moment. Even getting drenched with water and sand from the waves, these two were laughing the whole entire time together.

Are You Ready For Your Engagement Adventure?

The best way to have an epic engagement together is to just go with the flow, according to the photographer. Even if that means chasing pineapple floaties through the waves!

“As an engagement and elopement photographer, it’s my job to capture people’s most special moments. But that looks different to different couples. This shoot taught me that I should encourage my clients to pursue their wildest ideas. To make a photoshoot someone’s best day ever, you have to share in their excitement and provide a space for them to do so. You have to build trust with your clients if you want them to feel comfortable enough for them to embrace their wild side.” [Diana, the photographer]

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Photography | Love and Latitudes

Photos From This Engagement Session in Northern California

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