Styled Hacienda Dona Andrea Wedding in Beautiful Santa Fe, NM

Styled Hacienda Dona Andrea Wedding in Beautiful Santa Fe, NM

You don’t always have to go on an adventure to have an epic elopement. While we feature a lot of adventure wedding days filled with dirty wedding dresses, remote trails, and endless views, you can still have an intimate wedding at a private location with a nice view. Hacienda Dona Andrea is a 9 bedroom Southwestern home with elements dating back from Puebla, Mexico 1570. This Santa Fe location provides an ideal setting for micro weddings or intimate elopements. Check out all the details from this home and what you need to know when planning a Hacienda Dona Andrea wedding in New Mexico.

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Planning Your Wedding at Hacienda Dona Andrea

Photography by Crystal Cousin Photo

While we love this location, it’s important to plan your wedding here with plenty of time. There are different options and pricing when it comes to how long you would like to stay and how many guests you’re inviting.

During the peak season (May-Oct), there is a 2-night minimum if you’re interested in eloping here. The accommodation fee is $2,200 per night. This does not include any rental fees of items you may need for your wedding day, or the venue fee (based on the number of guests).

Even though some may consider this venue a pricey option for an elopement, it’s important to consider this wedding venue being both your accommodation and ceremony location. If you’re planning on having a micro wedding with your family and friends, Hacienda Dona Andrea sleeps 30 people. So it’s the perfect weekend getaway with your favorite people.

“Make sure to plan based on time of year if you are thinking about eloping at Hacienda. There is no air conditioning, so a mid-summer wedding might not be for every couple here. Though, if you have never been to the desert, it does get cool at night and there are fans in all of the rooms which is totally manageable.” [Crystal, the photographer]

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About The Venue

If you’ve explored our elopement stories, then you know we love featuring intimate homes and venues for couples planning a smaller wedding. This location in Santa Fe is a gorgeous home that not only offers plenty of space with privacy, but also has so many details to appreciate within and around the property.

There is history you can see in every corner around you, so this location is perfect for couples who share Mexican traditions or who have a love for culture and tradition.

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Details About This Styled Elopement

We love how this styled elopement kept things simple but really played on the decor and accents of the venue itself. Getting inspiration from your elopement destination is a great way to plan how you’re going to style your wedding ceremony.

We also love how intimate this elopement day is painted to be. They have this glorious home to themselves with a bunch of nooks and crannies to explore. They danced outside, overlooking the gorgeous views of Santa Fe, and they shared a delicious charcuterie board together before cutting their wedding cake.

When you plan an intimate wedding, you have the freedom to do whatever you both want. Let’s face it, there are things you just can’t do during larger weddings. Crystal reminds couples to play off of that freedom and just plan a day that is memorable for both of them.

“One thing I have noticed that I get asked all the time (probably every elopement) is ‘Can we do…’or ‘How do we…’ and the answer is almost always ‘it doesn’t matter’. For example, there is a traditional bride side and groom side to stand at during your ceremony, but is your good side the other side? You can stand wherever you want. Even when couples are eloping, they might think there are certain ways things need to be done, and that is just not the case anymore. Just have the right people sign your marriage license and you can do whatever you want for your elopement!” [Crystal, the photographer]

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Photos From This Styled Hacienda Dona Andrea Wedding Day

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