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Golden Hour Elopement in Laguna Beach, CA | Bernadette & Andrew


“Bernadette and Andrew wanted the most intimate ceremony possible, it was just the three of us, with the sweetest handwritten vows and a secluded cliffside elopement… Bernadette actually put together her own bouquet, and the whole entire ceremony and wedding was so incredibly personal. After they exchanged vows and lit candles, we took our party down to the beach where these two danced, got cozy, and ran around barefoot on the beach watching the sunset together.

…It was magical to watch two humans begin their marriage in such an intimate way – surrounded by no one, just the love that they [share] for one another in a place that meant the world to them. This was definitely one of my favorite elopements to date because of the intimate atmosphere these two created… Their passion was evident, and getting to capture this special moment for them will forever be one that I cherish.”

Photography by Tayandbee Photography


“Bernadette and I were friends for about three years before we started dating. During those years as friends, I had this feeling that someday we would be together, even when it felt like an impossible dream. Jokingly, to my friends, I would refer to her as my wife. When we finally started dating, it was as if [we’d] picked up right where we left off in a previous lifetime. It instantly felt like we were meant to be together and create a family. The best part about our coming together is that we were never searching for love, but after our first date, we just knew we couldn’t live without each other.”



“[At] the beginning of our relationship, we decided that we would elope after conceiving our love child. So when we became pregnant in the winter we knew it was our time to elope, and we tied the knot a month later! Our first getaway weekend was at Surf and Sand Resort in Laguna Beach, so we decided to make that our elopement spot. Sharing our vows, overlooking the ocean during sunset, was one of the most intimate moments we have ever experienced. The day was completely ours. Her touch and the warmth of her soul made the world just fade away. We really just wanted the day to be focused on our love – nothing crazy or extravagant. It was so magical to speak our written vows to one another cliffside, with no one around.”


Member Spotlight Page | Tayandbee Photography

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