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Glencoe Elopement Guide

In the Scottish Highlands, you’ll find a village known for its waterfalls and romantic trails that leads to peaks and picturesque views. Glencoe is probably one of the dreamiest places to elope in Scotland we have seen, and although a village, it does require some information to plan your elopement here. If you’re thinking about planning an intimate wedding ceremony in Glencoe, then this is the perfect place to build your elopement package.

This is a pretty long resource, so feel free to use the links below to jump to the section you’re most interested in. A huge thanks to our amazing Scotland member, The Caryls Photography, for providing all the amazing photos for this resource. 

Elopement Vendors For Your Glencoe Elopement

Scotland is one of the most popular places to elope outside of the US, and for good reason. This makes Glencoe a prime location for a lot of couples planning a Scottish wedding. Our number one recommendation is to team up with an elopement vendor who specializes in Glencoe elopements. These specific vendors are the best resources when it comes to the best places to elope that you may not see in this guide and the latest permits and regulations for the location you’re interested. Since they specialize in elopements here, they are familiar with the location and know more remote locations not many tourists visit.

Where to Elope in Glencoe

Glencoe House

Glencoe House is one of our favorite accommodations and elopement venues in one in the area. This is a great base for your elopement day since you have the opportunity to relax and enjoy all the amenities and the nearby locations to explore. It’s just a small walk to the nearest Lochan, which you can easily use for your ceremony or portraits!

Glencoe Lochan

Glencoe is known for its Lochans (small lakes) throughout the area. Since there are a good amount of them, it’ll be easier for your elopement vendor to recommend a lesser-known one for your ceremony. Your Lakeview ceremony is probably the most gorgeous scenery you can imagine, with dramatic mountains in the background.

Glen Etive

Probably one of our favorite elopement locations in Glencoe is Glen Etive. This area is just off the main Glencoe Valley and even though it’s smaller, this area has plenty to explore with a more peaceful vibe. You can incorporate waterfalls, forests, mountains, and rivers during your elopement adventure. You really can do whatever you want, and it’s a great spot to spend your whole day without feeling like you need to spend hours hiking to different locations.

The Three Sisters of Glencoe

This is a gorgeous spot for your ceremony. You’ll get a view of the Three Sisters mountains and the valley. There is a perfect piece of land, where you can see everything beautifully during your elopement. However, there are other locations where you can hike a small distance and get the same views without the crowds during peak hours.

Glencoe Cottage

One of the most popular elopement photos you’ll see is the white cottage. This Glencoe Cottage location is known as the Lagangarbh Hut and can be found in the foothills of the mountains. Since this is a popular spot, this location does bring a lot of tourists, so talk to your elopement vendor if you are looking for this backdrop during your ceremony. We recommend planning during off-season and weekday/sunrise times.

The Pass of Glencoe

Along with different Lochan areas to explore, there are also different mountain pass locations to pick and explore. These are also perfect for couples who don’t want to hike a huge distance to get to experience gorgeous scenery. This is also a good idea if you’re looking to escape the tourist crowds during busier seasons since your elopement vendor can easily navigate a ceremony location tucked away from more well-known areas.

When to Elope in Glencoe

We can recommend our favorite time to elope in Glencoe, but we have to point out that you should be prepared for the unexpected when it comes to Scotland weather. Mother nature sometimes plans for something completely unexpected such as stormy skies or chilly afternoons. With that in mind, team up with your elopement vendors and ask what you should pack during the month you are eloping. Having some umbrellas and a jacket packed is always a good idea.

With that being said, you can still count based on each season when planning your wedding adventure here. Wildflowers can be seen in spring, gorgeous foliage during fall, you’ll see snowy mountain tops during winter, and you’ll get to experience the longest days during summer. Summer is peak tourist season, but ask your vendor for their recommendations (weekdays and sunrise adventures) if you prefer this time of year to elope. If you don’t want to risk the hassle of dealing with a bunch of people then aim for Fall or Spring for more moderate temperatures.

Permits and Leave no Trace in Glencoe

Probably our favorite thing about Scotland elopements and micro weddings is you can get legally married anywhere! Yup, you heard right. You don’t need any special permits to get married by a loch or between a mountain pass. Your options are limitless here. However, it is always a good idea to double-check with your elopement vendor to make sure the location you’re planning to have your ceremony is on private land or a private venue. If this is the case, you’ll need to pay certain fees.

Wherever you decide to elope, please remember to leave no trace and leave the land better than you found it. It is our responsibility to keep these areas protected and beautiful for future couples and families to enjoy.

Marriage License Requirements in Glencoe

Are you trying to get married legally in Glencoe? In Scotland, you can get legally married almost anywhere you like. All you need is a registered celebrant to conduct your ceremony. If you’re unsure which celebrant to choose, we recommend asking your elopement photographer/videographer or planner if they have any recommendations.

You can also incorporate a hand-fasting ceremony! 

Best Places to Stay Near Glencoe

Since Glencoe is not only a gorgeous place to plan your wedding adventure, but it’s also a top honeymoon spot, we thought we might share some of our favorite places to stay. In Glencoe, you can find hotels and more intimate rental locations (which we prefer). Check out some of our favorite rentals to stay our when we are in Glencoe.

Check out this 1 bedroom cottage in Glencoe.

Check out this 5 bedroom Glencoe home for your micro wedding.

Check out this 3 bedroom home with Loch and Mountain views.

Check out this 1 bedroom garden cottage close to the sea.

Check out this 4 bedroom loch side home.

Check out this 3 bedroom cottage in North Ballachulish, Glencoe.

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