Snowboarding Elopement in Girdwood, Alaska

Kaylyn and Jordan traveled from California to Alaska to have a snowboarding elopement adventure in the Alyeska Mountain in Girdwood, AK. These two boarded down the entire mountain in their wedding attire! If you have been dreaming about a winter elopement in the mountains with your partner, then check out all the details and tips you should know when planning.

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Alaska outlook during winter elopement

Photography by The Hitched Hiker

Planning a Winter Snowboarding Elopement in Alaska

Alexa Hudson, the photographer at The Hitched Hiker, tells us everything couples need to know if they’re dreaming about planning a similar snowboarding adventure near Girdwood, Alaska.

When it comes to finding the perfect place to elope, you should always think about what you want to do during your adventure together. In this case, Kaylyn and Jordan wanted to spend the day snowboarding together. Alexa tells us Alaska is perfect for snowboarding elopement because of the convenience some resorts provide.

“Alyeska resort has a tram that takes you up a 5-7 minute ride to the top of Alyeska mountain in an indoor glass gondola lift. You can view all the glaciers and trees below without the wind and cold ruining your hair and makeup before you get to the top! There are also 2 restaurants up there at 2,300 ft elevation that views 7 glaciers and the Turnagain arm of the gulf of Alaska! You can have hot toddies and watch the other boarders go down! After that, you can put on your board and go down where the resort is waiting for you!” [Alexa, the photographer]

Planning your elopement at a popular ski resort is also a great idea for couples who want to plan a micro wedding with friends and family.

Tips While Planning Your Mountain Snowboard Adventure

So what should you be aware of when planning a winter mountain elopement in Alaska?

Check out Alexa’s top tips:

  • Think about your wedding attire. This is especially important if you plan on snowboarding in your wedding attire the whole time. Also, be mindful to wear the correct clothes underneath to keep you warm, so you can enjoy your adventure comfortably. Wearing fleece-lined leggings under your wedding dress, thermal long Johns under your suit, battery heated socks, and gloves, mittens or a hat over your ears will ensure you can stay cozy while boarding in your wedding clothes! Alexa tells us Jordan and Kaylyn went down slightly spur of the moment, so they didn’t even have their jackets, but it was also a warmer day!
  • If you want your entire snowboarding adventure captured in photos, then double-check with your elopement photographer if they can board too. Another great alternative you can do is to ask a ski patrol if your photographer can hop on the back to follow you down the mountain.
  • It can get pretty chilly in Alaska. Make sure to take a break in the lodge for hot cocoa after your snowboarding adventure to warm up!

Do you know what elopement dress or wedding attire you’re wearing for your adventure? 

dog during winter elopement in Alaska

Memorable Moments During This Elopement

During this snowboarding adventure in Alaska, a lot of memorable things happened such as a couple of furry wedding crashers and lots of playtime in the snow! Kaylyn and Jorden implemented the snow in every part of their adventure from using the snow as ice for their champagne to having a snowball fight with their friends. They even ran into a snowmachiner who let them get a photo on it. They ended their day with their friends eating chili cheese fries and drinking beer. Sounds like the perfect wedding day, right?

Elopements like this one shows couples how perfect planning an elopement can be for your wedding day. You’re able to soak in all the little moments without worrying about all your guests and little details. Eloping is also perfect for couples who are looking for an experience more memorable than a 4-hour event.

Alaska elopement in Girdwood,Alaska

Advice For Couples Planning

So are you ready to plan your elopement? Or are you still not completely sure you want to elope together? For couples who aren’t sure if they want to elope, our best advice is to browse our blog or our top 10 reasons to elope. If you can relate to any of the reasons we mention, then we see elopement planning in your future!

“My advice is to be like Kaylyn and Jordan and FULLY LIVE YOUR BEST DAY that you can possibly imagine! You love chili cheese fries and snowboarding? Make that your wedding day! A wedding day should be looked at as if you had to choose your DREAM day what would it look like? And then do it in your wedding attire with your favorite person and get hitched in the middle of it!” [Alexa, the photographer]


Photography | The Hitched Hiker
Florals | Bloomsbury Blooms
Venue |Alyeska Resort

Photos From This Snowboard Elopement in Girdwood, Alaska

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