Wandering Weddings GIF Videos

A new and exciting way to relive your elopement day over and over again for generations to come.

What’s a GIF Video?

Well, a GIF, by definition, is an animated image. Think, a photo that has motion. To make a GIF into a GIF Video, we take 40-60 individual GIFS from your elopement day and edit them into a complete video with music and your vows or love letters to each other. Our GIF Videos cover all of the details of your elopement day from start to finish to tell the entire story in a short 4-6 minute video.

Liz + Joe Gif Video

Liz + Joe Gif Video

[4 min]

Details and Information

What Is Included?

  • You will receive a final edited GIF Video that is 4-6 minutes in length. This will be delivered digitally to you so you are able to download it. The video will also be hosted on our YouTube account so you are able to share the video with family and friends quickly and easily. Your final GIF Video will contain between 30-60 individual GIFS put together to form a video.
  • You will also receive individual GIFS from throughout the day that you are able to save and share on social media.
  • Your elopement will also be featured on Wandering Weddings’ social media channels.

Who can book a GIF Video with Wandering Weddings

  • We are currently only offering GIF Videos for adventure elopements in the following states: Washington, Oregon, Colorado, California, Arizona, Utah, Montana.
  • Because we work very closely with your elopement photographer to create these GIF Videos it is very important that we mesh well with the photographer. Wandering Weddings GIF Videos are only available for couples who have also hired a feature Wandering Weddings member to photography their elopement. If you do not have a photographer yet, please let us know and we can refer you to amazing photographers in the area you are eloping.

Wandering Wedding GIF Video Investment – $3500

(includes travel and accommodations to all of the states listed above)

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