This Hawaiian Elopement Proves Getting Married In The Rain Is 100% Worth It

This Hawaiian Elopement Proves Getting Married In The Rain Is 100% Worth It

When you’re planning your wedding, the last thing couples want is for it to downpour on their day, especially during an adventure elopement somewhere epic like Hawaii. We’re going to tell you why getting married in the rain is pretty epic, and how to navigate a crazy downpour during your special day, featuring this epic Punalu’u Beach and Green Sands Beach on the Big Island of Hawaii.

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About This Rainy Elopement in Hawaii

Photography by Two Tides Photography

Charley and Margaret’s Hawaii adventure elopement was FULL of elements well outside of their control, including the weather. Their day started with a sprinkle during the start of their black sand beach ceremony and ended in a torrential downpour throughout their adventure!

Imagine saying “I do” under the pouring rain. Their wedding attire was completely soaked, including Jamie’s camera equipment. After escaping to their cars to attempt to dry off, these two embarked on their 5-mile roundtrip to explore Green Sands Beach (one of four green sand beaches in the entire world). The rain let up a bit during this time, despite the muddy terrain around them. When they arrived at Green Sands, they were able to exchange vows and soak up the gorgeous view.

“Almost at the very moment we were back on the trail, the rains came down once more. And this time even more fierce as before. Margaret had mud on her wedding dress up to her knees. I didn’t want to put my camera away, so I would awkwardly hide it under my shirt until I needed to use it. The rain was so severe I could barely open my eyes to look into my viewfinder.” [Jamie, the photographer]

Even though the hike back took twice as long, the rain stopped once again before arriving at their cars. Despite the insanity of the day, Charley and Margaret were still up for some champagne and Malasadas( Hawaiian donuts) at sunset.

“We laid out a blanket, cracked open the bottle, and shoved malasadas into our starving and dehydrated bodies. Then to cap off the night, these two, in their soaking wet, mud-stained wedding attire, put a song on their phone and had their first dance along the cliffs looking over the pacific.” [Jamie, the photographer]

Getting Married in the Rain: Here’s What You Should Remember

It’s easy to see why anyone would worry about getting married in the rain. If you’re planning a big wedding, rain can easily turn your big day into a logistical nightmare. However, eloping in Hawaii (or anywhere) is a completely different story.

“Embrace it and have fun with it! In Hawaii, heavy rains almost always guarantee a stunning rainbow and the most breathtaking sunsets. Rain can add a lovely component to my images that I wouldn’t be able to capture otherwise. The feel is romantic, adventurous, and dramatic. Every component of a couple’s day (predictable or unpredictable) only adds to the uniqueness of their elopement story.

Margaret and Charley weren’t hoping for torrential rains during their much-ancitipacted adventure elopement. But rather than looking at it as a frustrating inconvenience, they embraced it. In fact, they would tell you that the rain MADE their day!” [Jamie, the photographer]

5 Reasons Why Getting Married in the Rain is EPIC for Elopements

Margaret and Charley’s elopement in beautiful Hawaii really shows us how no one should be afraid of the rain “ruining” their wedding day.

Here are 5 reasons why getting married in the rain is pretty epic if you ask us.

1) You’ll Get Epic Wedding Photos During Your Adventure

There’s something about rainy elopements that gives us all the feels. Photographers are able to capture the couple’s emotions perfectly against the clouds, mist, and rain. The weather also gives elopements a fun romantic yet moody feel, making these some of the most unique and unforgettable wedding portraits we have ever seen. You can also bring along some clear umbrellas to use as props and to keep you from getting too wet.

If you’re concerned about the quality of your photos during your rainy elopement, then we recommend discussing how much experience your photographer has with rainy elopements.

2) Rain Makes For a Great Story

A lot of couples who elope can’t wait to go home and plan a post-elopement celebration with their friends and family. Rain during your elopement adventure can actually make for a super unique story to tell your family and future kids for years to come. Imagine the crazy stories you’ll tell if you decide to get married in the rain.

3) It Means Good Luck!

Do you know what it means when it rains on your wedding day? In some cultures, rain on your wedding day is considered good luck. If it rains on your big day, it has been said to symbolize fertility and cleansing. So instead of freaking out because it’s raining during your elopement, just remember mother earth is gifting you both some good ol’ luck.

4) Get Super Romantic With This Atmosphere

Who else loves the classic kissing scene from the Notebook?! Now is your chance to snuggle up close and have your very own movie-worthy kissing moments. There’s something so raw and beautiful about rainy wedding photos. Look at this couple’s photos to get some inspiration.

5) You’ll Capture Some Beautiful Rainbows and See Mother Nature in a New Way

When it rains, you see everything a bit differently from the floor at your feet to the sky above your head. You may even get lucky to see an epic rainbow in the distance. If you’re frustrated because it’s starting to rain during your wedding, just remember how unique your photos are going to be from everyone else’s.

Eloping in Hawaii

Hawaii is one of the best places to elope on our list, but its weather is also far more unpredictable than most people realize, according to Jamie. As couples think about planning a Hawaii adventure elopement, she recommends considering certain landscapes you might be drawn to. Mountains? Lava? Valleys? Canyons? Waterfalls?

Each island offers a wide array of stunning landscapes, and not all of them require crazy physical exertion to get there. Just keep in mind, a permit is often required on various properties in the Hawaiian Islands. Be sure to confirm with your photographer that your desired location is permissible for shooting and/or an elopement ceremony.

Advice for couples:

“It could be clear and sunny on the beach and 5 minutes up the mountain, it’s pouring rain. So I like to provide a packing list for my couples so they feel as prepared as possible. Some items include a towel, face wipes, a hairbrush, or a raincoat. Adventure elopements often consist of a good amount of hiking. For my couples hiking, I encourage my brides to pack their gowns into their bags and wear comfortable clothes for the hike to our destination. That way their dress can stay relatively clean for a portion of the shoot.” [Jamie, the photographer]

Advice For Photographers:

“My tried and true Lowepro waterproof bag does the job! Make sure you’re wearing clothes/shoes that can get wet and muddy! I fell (a lot) in giant mud puddles during this elopement. My Canon Mark iv proved to handle the excess water incredibly well! Having forgotten my waterproof cover for my camera, when not shooting, my camera spent much time hidden underneath my soaking wet shirt. Last time I’ll forget my waterproof cover for sure.” [Jamie, the photographer]

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Memorable Moments During This Rainy Elopement

This rainy elopement hike in Hawaii was filled with memorable moments keeping everyone laughing from falling in the mud during their hike to the couple’s memorable vow exchange.

“The rain and mud were so out of control we couldn’t help but just laugh at our circumstances. My face hurt from smiling after this hike. I’ll never forget at one point during the hike, we were trekking through water and mud that was up to our shins. I looked over at Margaret, maybe for a reassuring glance from her that she was doing okay. She looked over at me with a huge smile on her face and said, ‘Hey, at least we aren’t having to worry about where to move tables for 300 guests!’” [Jamie, the photographer]

Deciding to Elope

Are you thinking about eloping? After reading this blog, are you more inclined to elope instead of planning a big, traditional wedding? Whatever you decide to do, just remember to have fun!

“Weddings shouldn’t be an event, they should be an experience. Elopements strip a wedding down to the core of what matters most. The start of two lovers’ life journey together. That’s why I love elopements so much. Because why not start your life together on an epic adventure?! I care so much about my couples and the success of their marriage. And so my heart is to tell their story in a way that’s genuine and authentic so that when those inevitable hard seasons in marriage come, they have something tangible to look back on and remember their why.” [Jamie, the photographer]

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Photography | Two Tides Photography
Officiant | Deanna, Kona Wedding Officiant 

Floral Design | IG- @hakuleibymei

Malasadas(Hawaiian donuts) | Puna lu’u bake shop  

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