Your Guide to Gender Neutral Formal Wear For Your Elopement

You should have the complete freedom to celebrate your wedding day how you want to, with who you want. Just how couples are now saying no to big traditional weddings and opting for intimate micro weddings and elopements, couples are also wearing what they want! When it comes to wedding attire for same-sex and gender-expansive couples, options go way beyond lesbian wedding outfits or your traditional wedding dress and suit options. We have created our gender neutral formal wear guide to better help you navigate your different options.

Within our guide, we’ll talk about some brands, stores, and options that support the 2SLGBTQ+ community as a whole. If you’re looking for more ideas, then check out our gender-expansive & same-sex wedding ideas to help your elopement planning journey.

This is a pretty long resource, feel free to jump to the section you’re most interested in:

How to Find Gender-Neutral Formal Wear

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The first two things you both need to discuss are your wedding attire budget and what type of style(s) you both are loving. There are plenty of androgynous suit options from the higher-end, which will allow you to have customizations to more affordable options you won’t think twice about hiking that 5-mile adventure together in.

Custom suiting, in general, can range from $1000 to $3,000, depending on the fabric, brand, and any customizations. While this can be pricey for a lot of couples, it does provide you with personalized options which can last you for multiple formal events down the line (all the more reason to wear your wedding attire again).

The customization option price should not deter couples from looking into gender neutral formal wear. There are plenty of amazing brands out there which provide some epic nonbinary options for all people and all body types within a reasonable budget.

So this leads us to talk about how you decide what your style is? A good place to start is Pinterest. That way you can get familiar with different fabrics, fits, patterns, and colors that interest you. You’ll be able to create an inspiration board you can share with the store you decide to shop at. Another great suggestion is to explore your photographer’s feed, who has photographed other LGBTQ weddings. This will allow you to see how other couples styled their gender neutral wedding attire, especially if they’re planning an elopement adventure.

Different Options For Your Wedding Day Attire

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If you’re a couple looking for non-binary options, remember that you’re not limited to what you can or cannot wear. Just like your actual wedding day, your wedding attire should not be bound by societal norms or expectations. With that being said, wear something that makes you feel comfortable and that feels you!

If you want to rock androgynous suits together, then do it. If you want to wear wedding dresses, then go for it. Wedding pantsuits or a jumpsuit can also be a great gender expansive option too. If you want to rock pajamas, why not, it’s your wedding day, make it what you want.

Where to Shop For Gender Neutral Formal Wear

Gone are the days where you were limited to going to “bridal stores” and “men’s warehouses” to find your wedding attire. There are now shops both locally and online that specifically carry formal wear for the LGBTQ+ community. We are going to mention some of our favorite options for you to explore:

Kirrin Finch

We love a company that started based on their own wedding shopping experience. The owner of Kirrin Finch found there was a need for a more gender-neutral wedding attire designed to fit multiple peoples’ body types. Their shop offers more masc clothing for androgenous and femme folks. They also offer a range of sizes that includes plus sizes. They have a shop located in Brooklyn and an extensive online collection to pick from.

Dutchess Clothier

Upon going to the Duchess Clothier website, you’re greeted with photos of all types of couples, enjoying their wedding day together (as it should be). This company is “made to measure clothing for every body.” This is a Portland-based company and is a great option for personalized suits or shopping for fun and unique separates.

Bindle & Keep

When you open up Bindle & Keep’s website, the first thing you see is “suits for every body”. This company prides itself on offering a customized experience for its clients, and its website really shows it. If you live in the Brooklyn area, then you can even meet in person and build your ideal suit from scratch. Not in Brooklyn? This company is all about Zoom calls to help you. There are different packages available, depending on your budget. We love this company because they offer androgynous suit options, but they also offer suit skirts and more femme suits to fit each customer’s preference.

Birdy Grey

Birdy Grey is best known for their bridesmaid dresses, but they also have an inclusive line of wedding suits too! This is actually in collaboration with SuitShop (which we discuss further below). These wedding suits are tapered with different inseam lengths and are fully lined, perfect for someone who is looking for a not-so-boxy suit option! These suits do lean towards a more feminine fit, so keep this in mind when you’re looking for your wedding attire here.

Sharpe Suiting

If you’re looking for an option with multiple storefront locations (including Austin TX, Charlotte NC, Chicago, Denver, LA, and Florida), then Sharpe Suiting is a good option for you. Since 2013, Sharpe Suiting has been “helping brave individuals showcase exactly who they are.” They have gone ahead and made the process streamlined, where you can mix and match your favorite suit and accessory pieces for your elopement.


If you’re looking for a more affordable option, then SuitShop is your place to shop for some formal gender neutral suits for your wedding day. While they are mainly rentals, you can keep your suit for a fee, and they also offer inclusive fit and sizing. The part we love the most? You can try on your suit and make sure you absolutely love it for your elopement, or you can easily send it back!

The Tailory New York

One of our favorite options for couples on their elopement has to be The Tailory. They even have a “F.L.U.I.D” collection, which focuses on ungendered, inclusive, and freeing wedding attire options. They have an in-person store in New York, or they help their clients create their perfect outfits through video chats.


Wildfang is an online store that focuses on comfortable, fashionable, and nonbinary options. From jumpsuits and blazers to button-ups and vests. We personally love this website for couples who are looking for a more fashion-forward look, with less of an emphasis on a traditional suit. There are so many colors and designs to choose from!


The most affordable option we love is shopping at ASOS. ASOS has plenty of androgynous suits for weddings, and their prices are sometimes more than half of what other suit designers charge. While we love the inclusivity and gender neutral options, including pantsuits and jumpsuits, ASOS does not offer personalized sizing. ASOS does, however, offer petite, plus-sized, and tall options on their website to make the process a bit easier.

What are you wearing on your wedding day? We hope this guide helps all couples during their wedding planning process. If you’re looking for wedding dresses, then shop some of our favorites elopement dresses here. If you know of a resource you and the LGBTQ+ community would love to see on our website, then please reach out to our team.

We also want to thank Eli Holmes, photographer at Seas Mtns Co, for providing us with some amazing insight and gorgeous photography for this guide.

Photo by Seas Mtns Co

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